Munroe Bergdorf
Munroe Bergdorf (Credit: L’Oréal Paris)

Transgender model Munroe Berf claims to feel unsafe in women’s presence.

Women are “writing articles which are having a really negative impact on trans women,” the model said, continuing:

I don’t feel safe because of other women. That’s really weighing heavily on me. I want to get people to think about how this narrative is affecting the transgender members of our society.

Why Women Speak

Women are using our words to express disagreement with an ideology that dehumanizes us, an ideology that erases our legal identifiers, and with it, our ability to have our natural human rights enshrined into and protected by law.

The notion that a man can achieve the state of being a woman by wishful thinking or popping pills – as if women and girls are a state of nirvana rather than actual human beings – or by putting on a costume, is a notion that dehumanizes women. It is also invalidating of the unique physiological and biological processes of our bodies, to our lived reality.

Your “identity” comes at the expense of women’s humanity and human rights.

Redefining women and girls as an identity or a concept within a man’s head is insulting.

Reducing oppression faced by women and girls around the world – being most victims of human sex trafficking, child sexual abuse, rape, intimate partner homicide, child marriage, and the victims of sex-selective abortion, sex-selective infanticide, female genital mutilation – to a choice that girls, women and even unborn female embryos make – is insulting. A female infant isn’t asked which “gender” she identifies as before she is killed and thrown in the dump.

Yes, we as women will speak out, and we will stop you.

You have the right to dress as you like and to be as feminine as you please, but you do not have the right to redefine women, and in doing so, to eliminate our rights, and our ability to teach and learn about our reproductive health and unique medical needs.

For example, girls need to know that they are members of the sex that can get pregnant.

For example, women need to know that symptoms of a heart attack can completely differ in women. A woman’s heart attack symptoms can simply be abdominal distress or fatigue. Doctors do not often know this, as most medical studies are conducted on men, who are more likely to have such immediately alarming symptoms as severe chest pain. Thus, women are more likely than men to die of a heart attack despite having lower heart attack rates. With men now participating in medical studies while identifying as women, and with men who identify as women selfishly and ignorantly silencing discussions of female biology as “triggering,” the risks to women’s health will rise.

Women are not required to believe your fairytales in order to be decent and tolerant members of society.

Women are not required to put our health and survival on the backburner to soothe your egos.

Women are not required to sacrifice the human rights that we and our fore-mothers fought for over centuries and generations to cater to your fantasies.

Transgender Crime Statistics

Mr. Bergdorf went on to state, “Unfortunately it’s got to do with a narrative – the trans people are a threat to cisgender women. There no statistics to show that this is the case.”

Au contraire, sir. While being transgender does not equal being a criminal, being biologically male does equal a higher average rate of criminality.

Within each nation around the world, approximately 5-6% of prison inmates are women, and over 70% of these female inmates are convicted for non-violent crimes, mainly property crimes. Meanwhile, 94-95% of inmates are consistently biologically male, regardless of nation. Seven percent of transgender people are incarcerated during their lifetimes, compared with 2.7 percent of the general population, and most incarcerated transgender individuals are biologically male.

Men who identify as trans women have killed, physically attacked and raped women and girls at at least the same rate that other men have committed such acts against women.

According to a longitudinal peer-reviewed study on post-op transgender persons that is published in a highly-regarded academic journal,

Male-to-females had a significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls, but not compared to males. This indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime.

Additionally, as The Times reported:

Some 48% of transgender prisoners are sex offenders, the Ministry of Justice said in a freedom of information answer earlier this year, compared with less than 20% of the prison population as a whole.

“A government survey has counted 125 transgender prisoners in England and Wales. … 60 of them have been convicted of one or more sexual offences,” the Guardian specifies.

These statistics and studies on transgender crime were collected from data in various nations.

Who Murders Male Transgender Persons? Are Most of These Murders Hate Crimes?

The killers of men who identify as trans women are overwhelmingly men.

Yet, men who identify as trans women do not have hateful slurs for the men who kill them. They spit the slur “TERF” at women who ask questions or express disagreement with gender fairytales or show concern for our own health or rights.

Women’s growing awareness of the fact that men who identify out of their gender have a similar pattern and rate of criminality as other men does not indicate that women agree with men harming or killing their gender-nonconforming counterparts. It means that women deserve to maintain a legal label that enables us to be written about in law so that our human rights – which we fought for – are preserved. We will fight to ensure this.

Few of the men who murder trans persons kill them over transgender status.

The vast majority of male transgender persons who are murdered are in prostitution, and most of these are brown men in Central and South American nations, followed by black men in the US. These murders are due to the dangers of the sex trade, which often involve organized crime and necessitate individuals meeting up with shady men who see them as a collection of orifices to rent for temporary pleasure. Being alone with a man who does not respect your humanity can be dangerous. Prostituted women are murdered at high rates, too – higher than the rate at which male transgender persons in the sex industry are killed.

The fact that white trans-identified men are rarely murdered shows that being transgender is not the murder risk.

Given these facts, it is false that women put gender non-conforming men in danger by refusing to pretend that they are women.

Why Do Men Who Identify As Trans Women Claim Fear of Women?

I believe that the common claim by male transgender individuals that women make them feel “unsafe” is a way of fetishizing the vulnerable position that women and girls often find ourselves in in society for biological and reproductive reasons. No man worries that walking down the road at night, he will be attacked, raped, impregnated and infected with STDs by an armed woman. We have greater fears of persons of male biology than biologically male persons have of us based on biological and reproductive reality.

By claiming to “fear” women, male transgender persons can invalidate women’s actual vulnerability. They associate vulnerability with being a woman, and therefore, wish to co-opt this in order to feel valid in their gender identity. By falsely presenting themselves as the most vulnerable, they can then center themselves as the only authentic women, and the only people in need of legal protection.

It is offensive to women to fetishize our vulnerability. Our lives are not a game or sex roleplay that we do for fun or kink.

We will continue to speak and write for our human rights.

If our speech makes you uncomfortable, then we’re doing something right. You should be made to feel very uncomfortable about trampling on the basic human rights of another group.

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