Faceless WomanYou’re an incredible woman. You have a successful career. People who care about you in your life. And above all, an amazing, positive attitude.

Everything has been going great lately, including today. After finishing dinner at a nice restaurant, you decide to go to the restroom to freshen up a bit.

Mrs. Doubtfire Has Officially Claimed Rights to Women’s Restrooms

Upon coming out of the stall, you notice an odd-looking woman. She’s very tall. Has wide shoulders, and feet bigger than Ronald McDonald. Being the non-judgmental person you are, you say hello.

This large woman turns to look at you, and that’s when your biggest nightmare comes true.

With the deepest voice known to man, this freakishly large woman turns out to be a man. A man dressed up as a woman who prefers to use the women’s restroom.

This Mrs. Doubtfire clone feels that he has this right, because like the other lunatics, he believes biological sex doesn’t exist.


Mrs. Doubtfire Makes You as a Woman, Uncomfortable

Being a woman who is secure with her sex, you express how uncomfortable this makes you. Speaking out about this towards this Mrs. Doubtfire clone causes a confrontation.

Standing face-to-face with him, you’re a foot shorter. He’s 60 lbs heavier than you. And has a bigger bone structure, with a higher amount of muscle mass.


Mrs Doubtfire Feels He Has the Right to Assault You

With one swipe, he knocks you to the ground while hollering and swearing at you. A big bruise starts to swell up on the side of your face. Feeling dizzy, you can hardly get up.

Blood is flying out of your nose, and your lip is busted open. Just when you start feeling like you can stand, Mrs. Doubtfire hits you again. He repeatedly hits you, and slams you all over the restroom floor, and walks.

The other women try to help you, but he physically assaults them, also. After what feels like an eternity, the cops finally show up.

Mrs. Doubtfire is finally handcuffed and escorted to the police car, after the police had to struggle to contain him.


Mrs. Doubtfire and His Genderless Trend Groupies are Delusional

In the court room, Mrs. Doubtfire and the rest of the genderless trend army cry out about how unfairly they are treated.

They speak as if their gender is being overlooked, and they aren’t getting any respect. The lack of empathy towards their feelings are mentioned, and the pity party starts.


Mrs. Doubtfire Traumatized You

As you’re laying in bed at the hospital, your entire life starts crumbling down around you. Mrs. Doubtfire not only broke your jaw, he also broke your nose, cracked your cheek bone, and knocked out a bunch of teeth.

It will take lots of reconstructive surgery to fix your face and teeth. The time you’re out of work will effect your household income greatly.

The holiday trips you had planned will be put on hold. With your savings being drained because your insurance doesn’t cover all the medical expenses, you no longer have your amazing life.

Even after leaving the hospital, you’re never the same again. The mental scars Mrs. Doubtfire left you is bigger than the physical scars.


You’re the Victim, Not Mrs. Doubtfire

Horrible crimes against women similar to this happen very frequently. These Mrs. Doubtfire clones are trying to take over women’s facilities.

Every day, we hear more news stories about men using the women’s restrooms. Sneaking into locker rooms and video-recording or photographing women at their most private moments.

Attacking women, because they feel like they belong in women’s personal spaces. Then when the women speak out, they assault them.

They act as if they were violated, instead of the women. Mrs. Doubtfire and the rest of the clones cry about how they get no respect, and their gender is mocked.


Let’s Set Mrs. Doubtfire and His Clonies Straight

You can try to identify yourself as any sex that you like, but there’s one thing you’re missing. You’re missing the fact that nature determined your sex.

Nature created both men and women. There are only two real sexes. When you’re born, you don’t get a choice.

Nature doesn’t give you a questionnaire asking you which sex you’d like to be. And nature definitely doesn’t give you a third box with the option of choosing other.

You’re either a man or a woman. If you’re born a man, you’re most likely going to be taller. Have a bigger bone structure. And a higher percentage of fast-twitch muscle fibers.

This means that you can run faster for longer periods of time. Lift heavier objects.

For the reasons I mentioned, that’s why they have separate sporting events where women don’t compete against men.

It’s not a fair competition.


You Can’t Change Your Sex, Mrs. Doubtfire, No Matter How Hard You Try

Another thing I find very disturbing, is how parents are confusing young children pertaining to sex. They identify them as “other” on forms. They damage their health and sterilize them with puberty blocker medications.

Young children have enough confusion and difficulties dealing with growing up. Let’s not cause even more with this genderless trend obsession.

Maybe these people are trying to make the Mrs Doubtfire clones feel better about themselves by eliminating the concept of biological sex.

By eliminating the word and concept, they can feel like they fit in, even at the expense of women’s sexual rights.

No amount of surgery, hormones, or women’s clothing is going to change what nature wanted you to be.

This is why you lash out in anger.

But we guys and women know better. And I’ll tell you what you’re not allowed to do.


Mrs. Doubtfire is Allowed to Act Out with No Consequences

Mrs. Doubtfire is allowed to walk into the women’s restroom anytime he feels like it.

Can assault women who have the right to be in these spaces.

Beats women, and in a few instances, firemen who tried to put a fire out at one Mrs Doubtfire clone’s house.

They can compete in women’s sporting events, therefore robbing women of their glory, after women worked so hard for it.

One Mrs. Doubtfire clone even beat a woman up in an MMA match, showing no mercy. He hurt her so badly, she had to retire.

Mrs. Doubtfire, you’re not allowed to violate women’s human rights as a sex class to make you feel better about yourself.

You also can’t pick which gender you are so get over it.

The only thing you can choose is your sexuality, which is fine. It doesn’t matter if your gay. Or if you’re a woman, lesbian. As long as everyone respects others’ sexuality and what they do in the privacy of their own bedrooms, there shouldn’t be any issues.

What someone prefers to do in the bedroom is their business, but you’re not allowed to violate others due to your disillusion thoughts on biological sex.


Here’s How You Women Can Fight Back at Mrs. Doubtfire and His Genderless Clonies

Don’t fall for this, there’s no such thing as gender crap. If there was no such thing as gender, nature wouldn’t have made only men and women, with such physical differences.

Take a look downstairs at your sexual organs. Then try to tell me that biological sex doesn’t exist.

It’s time to take a stand against this sex class violation that’s hurting you as women. Tell Congress that you don’t agree with shared restrooms and other facilities. If they won’t listen, don’t visit businesses that allow it. Make it a point to boycott these businesses until they listen to you.

If you’re telling your children that biological sex doesn’t exist, and identifying them as the opposite sex, stop it immediately. Children have a difficult time as it is while growing up, don’t add gender identity confusion and health problems from unnecessary medications to them.

The most important way you can fight back is to let the public know you’re not taking it anymore. Speak out to your local government about how you won’t support businesses or programs or support politicians who allow your rights to be violated.

Write about it on online forums, groups, social media, and blogs such as Women Are Human.

Stick together, because there’s strength in numbers. Spread the word. And above all, don’t let Mrs. Doubtfire and his clonies bully you into quitting, because that’s exactly what they want.


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