Recently in the United Kingdom, a mother was quizzed by law enforcement and tossed in jail after posting online that a person who was born biologically male is a man. Another woman, an elderly retiree, was interrogated by police, because opinions she expressed online made it clear that she is a disbeliever in gender identity ideology.

Kate Scottow
Katie Scottow, the breastfeeding mother of young children, was tossed in jail for 7 hours and denied menstrual products after calling a biologically male person a man. The individual, Stephanie Hayden, identifies as a trangender woman. (Courtesy: The Mail)

On December 1, 2018, two officers went to the Hitchin, Hertfordshire home of 38-year-old Kate Scottow, a Masters degree candidate in forensic psychology.

The police arrested Ms. Scottow on charges of harassment and malicious communications after Ms. Scottow “misgendered” Stephanie Hayden online. Ms. Scottow’s children, an autistic girl of 10 years and a 20-month-old son whom Ms. Scottow breastfeeds, witnessed her arrest.

Officers seized Ms. Scottow’s electronic devices, including a mobile phone and laptop. Law enforcement questioned her, photographed a mugshot, gathered her DNA and took her fingerprints before placing her in a jail cell for 7 hours. Ms. Scottow was denied the female hygiene products she told police she was in need of.

To “misgender” someone as Ms. Scottow is accused of, is to refer to a person who identifies as transgender by the sex he was born, rather than the sex he believes himself to be.

Stephanie Hayden
Stephanie Hayden, a man who identifies as a woman and a lawyer, is accused by critics of using the legal system to harass disbelievers in the ideology that humans can choose their sex. (Courtesy: flyinglawyer73/Twitter)

Stephanie Hayden, though born male and not registered with a professional legal body, identifies as a woman and a lawyer. As Women Are Human previously reported, critics claim Mr. Hayden routinely uses the legal system to harass those who disagree with his belief in gender identity and his perception of himself as a woman. Mr. Hayden is credited with bringing the first deadnaming case to court in October 2018 when he filed a complaint against Graham Linehan, creator of TV’s Father Ted.

Ms. Scottow, who is still under investigation, affirms that she holds a “genuine and reasonable belief” that a human “cannot practically speaking change sex.” She is currently subject to a court order that forbids her from referring to Mr. Hayden as a man.

In February 2019, police serving the village of Suffolk rang Margaret Nelson, a 74-year-old former newspaper journalist and humanist celebrant, to speak to her about her blog posts and Twitter updates on the topic of gender identity ideology.

Magaret Nelson
Magaret Nelson, a senior citizen, was questioned by police for being a disbeliever in gender identity theory. (Courtesy: flashmaggie/Twitter)

Ms. Nelson has often called for reform of the Gender Recognition Act, which she says can be exploited to harm women’s rights.

The officer who called did not indicate that Ms. Nelson had broken a law, but said that “a number of people” had contacted police about her writings on her blog, Dead Interesting, and on her Twitter account @flashmaggie.

The officer suggested Ms. Nelson “tone down” her blog posts and tweets and remove content that “could have upset or offended transgender people,” Ms. Nelson told the Spectator.

Ms. Nelson informed the policewoman that she would not delete her posts or tweets. “She accepted that, and that was the end of the conversation,” Ms. Nelson said.

Comments that the policewoman indicated might have “upset or offended transgender people” include Ms. Nelson’s factual explanation on the manner in which forensic pathologists determine the sex of a deceased person:

If a transgender person’s body was dissected, either for medical education or a post-mortem examination, his or her sex would also be obvious to a student or pathologist. Not the sex that he or she chose to present as, but his or her natal sex; the sex that he or she was born with. Even when a body has been buried for a very long time, so that there is no soft tissue left, only bone, it is still possible to identify the sex. DNA and characteristics such as the shape of the pelvis will be clear proof of the sex of the corpse.

Another reportedly “offensive” post was Ms. Nelson’s blunt denouncement of gender identity ideology as make-believe:

Gender’s fashionable nonsense. Sex is real. I’ve no reason to feel ashamed of stating the truth. The bloody annoying ones are those who use words like ‘cis’ or ‘terf’ and other BS, and relegate biological women to a ‘subset’. Sorry you believe the mythology.

Subjected to public critique for their actions, Suffolk Police later apologized to Ms. Nelson for their botched handling of the complaints. “We accept we made a misjudgment in following up the complaint. As a result of this, we will be reviewing our procedures for dealing with such matters. We are sorry for any distress we may have caused. […]”

Police interrogation of private citizens who express lack of faith in gender identity theory seems to have become a trend in the United Kingdom of late.

In January 2018, Humberside Police called business owner Harry Miller at work and interrogated him for 34 minutes. Despite acknowledging that Mr. Miller had done nothing illegal, an officer wrote up Mr. Miller for a “hate incident,” because Mr. Miller had posted, reshared and expressed agreement with such tweets as “trans women are not women” on Twitter.

The officer who called lectured Mr. Miller to “check his thinking,” professing, “Sometimes, a woman’s brain grows a man’s body in the womb, and that is what transgender is.”

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