Twitter Bans Women For Not Respecting Gender Identity of Child Rapist-Murderer Ian Huntley

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    Ian Huntley

    Ian Huntley is in prison for the murder of two 10-year-old girls, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. He has now “decided” he’s a woman.

    Ian has chosen the transgender name Nicola, which is Holly’s mother’s name – presumably in order to taunt the family.

    Twitter users who refuse to call this murdering rapist “she” are now being reported for “misgendering.” Twitter has upheld these complaints, saying to “dead-name” Huntley is in violation of Twitter community rules.

    Women who report graphic rape threats against themselves and their small daughters are repeatedly told that these don’t violate Twitter’s (and Facebook’s) community rules.

    That is, a man who claims to be a woman will be protected in his chosen identity while actual women will be told – after 22-year-old comedian Euridyce Dixon was raped and murdered in a Melbourne park this week – that we should stay home in order to stay safe.

    Womanhood is not a costume that can be assumed by criminal males in order to gain access to women’s spaces.

    Womanhood is a biological reality and patriarchy’s oppressive response to our bodies’ power and our bodies’ vulnerability infests every element of our lives.

    Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were raped and murdered by Ian Huntley

    Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were raped and murdered by Ian Huntley, who now says he identifies as a woman Credit: PA

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    Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells were Ian Huntley's murder victims
    15 years on from the Soham murders: what actually happened to Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells?

    On 4th August 2002, 10-year-old school friends Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were enjoying a barbecue at Jessica’s family home in Soham, Cambridgeshire. The pair were dressed in matching Manchester United football shirts – their favourite team – as they left the house to buy some sweets that afternoon, but they never returned home. 15-and-a-half years on from their murders, former school caretaker Ian Huntley is serving two terms of life imprisonment.

    Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells were Ian Huntley's murder victims
    Soham murders: Why did Ian Huntley kill Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman?

    The Telegraph
    It’s 15 years since Ian Huntley murdered Soham schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in a crime that shocked the nation. After killing the two girls in August 2002, Huntley repeatedly lied to the media – alongside his fiancee Maxine Carr – before being arrested two weeks after the ten year-olds were reported missing.

    Ian Huntley
    'Call me Nicola' Evil double murderer Ian Huntley in wig and make-up prison stunt

    Daily Star
    The Soham murderer is trying to show doctors that he is serious about wanting to become a woman. And he insists he has a legal right to be addressed by his new name by prison bosses. But his plan has back-fired and Huntley – already one of the most unpopular inmates at top security Frankland Prison – has had death threats from other cons. The 44-year-old has been given his own personal protection officer amid fears he could be seriously injured.

    – By Cathoel Jorss, Guest Author

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    Cathoel Jorss (@cathoel) | Twitter

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