Keith Alexander Foster dressed as Kirstie
Keith Foster, a pedophile, often wears a wig, makeup and clothing designed for women while using the name “Kirstie.” (Courtesy: Cavendish Press)

Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK – Aged 63 and 5′ 2″ in height, Keith Alexander Foster is a child sexual predator who uses a mobility scooter for personal transportation, wears a wig, makeup, and clothing made for women, and answers to the feminine name “Kirstie.”

Mr. Foster was convicted in 2013 for possession of indecent images of children.

He received a discharge on the condition that he comply with a Sexual Offences Prevention Order barring him from interacting with children under the age of 16.

In 2015, a warrant was issued for Mr. Foster’s arrest on the grounds that he was spotted conversing with a five-year-old child and had failed to keep authorities apprised of his current address.

Mr. Foster went on the lam to avoid the arrest, fleeing from West Yorkshire to Morecambe. Lancashire asked the public for help in tracking down the suspect.

Mr. Foster was ultimately apprehended.

Keith Foster
Keith Foster (Courtesy: The UK & Ireland Database)

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Cross-dressing paedophile goes on the run on mobility scooter after flouting court order

The Mirror
A cross-dressing paedophile is thought to be on the run on his mobility scooter after flouting a court order banning him from contacting children. Sixty-year-old grey haired transvestite Keith Foster uses the alias of “Kirstie” donning a black wig and makeup to change his appearance.

Have you seen this cross-dressing paedophile known as ‘Keith or Kirstie’?

The Mirror
Detectives launched are hunting for a cross-dressing paedophile who goes by the name Keith or Kirstie. Keith Alexander Foster, 60, was originally convicted at Lancaster Magistrates Court on September 11th 2013 for possession of indecent images of children but has gone missing.

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