Andrew 'Andrea' balcer
Andrew “Andrea” Balcer. (Credit: Kennebec County Jail)

Augusta, Maine, US –  It was October 31, 2016. Andrew Balcer, then 17-years-old, confessed that he stabbed his parents to death in the night on Halloween.

Gary Rosenthal, Superintendent of Winthrop High School, had viewed Balcer as a model student:

From what best I know, he was a very good kid, a very good student, an academically superior student.  There were [none] that I know of that would indicate there were any problems, and the family seemed to be well-liked, and the mother was very personable. It’s one of those dilemmas you shake your head at.

Balcer stated in a 12-minute call to 911 that he stabbed his mother, Alice, with a military-style knife as he was hugging her. He then stabbed his father, Antonio, repeatedly when his father was awoken by the screams of his wife as she was stabbed nine times to her death.

Balcer stabbed the family’s pet dog to death because the chihuahua wouldn’t stop barking.

He spared his older brother, Christopher, from attack. “It’s not your day,” Balcer told him, according to the sibling’s later report.

Antonio Balcer and Alice Balcer
Antonio (left) and Alice Balcer, the murdered parents of Andrew “Andrea” Balcer. Both were 47-years-old at the time of their brutal deaths. (Courtesy: Exiles Motorcycle Club)
Balcer family home
The Balcer family home. (Courtesy: Daily Mail)

Balcer’s attorney argued that Balcer had felt isolated and without family support during his gender transition.

Friends and family members disputed this, stating that parents Alice and Antonio were nothing but supportive.

Alice Balcer’s brother, Carl Pierce said:

There was no hatred. There was no malice. There was no ill will.   There was resignation, to be sure, but ultimately there was acceptance. To justify these killings because of sexual identity or gender DYSPHORIA beliefs is truly a cowardly act.

The family asked that the judge not show mercy in sentencing the killer. “In my view, all leniency does is put a remorseless murderer back on the street,” brother Christopher Balcer said. He called his sibling’s excuses “flimsy.”

Balcer, now 20-years-old and named Andrea, pleaded guilty in September 2018.

After the judge handed down a 40-year prison sentence, Balcer begged his family to forgive “his terrible mistake.” Brother Christopher Balcer wrote to him in prison:

I remember the foul things you accused her of, and the looks of horror upon the family’s faces as they heard about them. You are an inhuman creature and the fact that you continue to pretend otherwise sickens me.

Andrew Andrea Balcer led away after guilty plea
Andrew Andrea Balcer is led away after guilty plea. (Credit: AP)

Judge Daniel Billings did not take into account Andrew’s gender identity claims when imposing the 40-year sentence. Judge Billings sentenced Balcer to less than the maximum 55 years due to Balcer having no prior criminal record and the terms of his plea deal, which capped the sentence.


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