Charlotte Blundell
Charlotte Blundell (Credit: Newcastle Chronicle)

Wallsend, North Tyneside, UK – A man who previously served prison time for stabbing his former lover with a screwdriver and attempting to set him on fire has now confessed to allegations that he lashed out violently against arresting officers who failed to use his preferred gender pronouns.

Police were attempting to apprehend 26-year-old Charlotte Blundell for breaching a restraining order by engaging in acts of harassment when Mr Blundell flew into a fit of rage.

“They didn’t use words like she, or her,” Mr Blundell later recounted. “They were saying ‘he’ or ‘Justin’.” Born male, Mr Blundell identifies as a woman.

Mr Blundell has recently pleaded guilty to the charges, but remains unapologetic about his violent reaction to the officers.

“I don’t think the way they spoke to me was adequate,” Mr Blundell said. “They have the flags on the side of their cars, and claim they are LGBTQ+ friendly – but they were basically calling me a man.”

Mr Blundell, who has an extensive criminal record, was previously sentenced to 22 months behind bars following a “frenzied” attack on his ex-boyfriend. During that incident, Mr Blundell stabbed his ex with a screwdriver, doused him with bleach, and tried to light him on fire.

Mr Blundell has been spared prison time on the latest charges of attempted criminal damage of a police vehicle, failing to surrender, and two counts of harassment in breach of a restraining order. The judge handed Mr Blundell an 18-month community order, and ordered him to pay a £85 fine. As part of the order, he will receive treatment for his alcohol abuse.

Due to his incessant criminality, Mr Blundell currently owes £1,900 in court fees.

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A transgender woman lashed out at police who “didn’t use the proper pronouns’ to address her.

Transgender woman, 26, who was jailed after dousing her ex-boyfriend in bleach then trying to set him on fire is spared prison over lashing out at police who ‘didn’t use the proper pronouns’ to address her
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A transgender woman who was previously jailed for covering her boyfriend in bleach and trying to set him alight has been spared another stint behind bars after lashing out at police who didn’t ‘use the proper pronouns’.


  1. You know if this was a real womxxn she would not have gotten a 85$ fine and community service. Shed be in jail. You know id love to see who actually serves time for rape. Males or womxxn bc i bet more womxxn do time

  2. What is it with these gay dudes who now claim to be trans? What benefit do they think they will receive by claiming to be women? Do they think they will be viewed more sympathetically? I had one of them get in touch with me, not telling me he was trans until the third phone call. He has all the lies down pat: “I’m intersex,” “I was at Stonewall,” and has no idea that I’m clued in to these memes. He’s just a gay guy and I think he’s also a compulsive, if not pathological, liar.

    • Many are pathological liars, sadly. I write many of the articles on this website.

      I have a friend who is transgender, a young man who identifies as a woman, and passes better than many. While I know and never pretended in his presence before or after his hormone pill “transition” to believe that anyone could biologically change sex, it was actually he who peak-transed me when he claimed that a parent had “force-feminized” him from childhood to replace a deceased daughter. Not realizing it was a lie, I was extremely distressed at the idea of a parent forcing and training a child to be trans, especially in the disturbing ways I was told about, which he said included the parent involving him as a child in intimate contact with adult men. He expressed distress (faked, I now know) while telling extremely detailed accounts to many friends repeatedly over a 3-year period, without contradictions between tellings of these stories. The friend later admitted that it was fictional, and tried to excuse it by pleading depression. What he achieved in the long-run with the lies was to make me aware that the gender ID movement could be used by adult predators to groom and abuse children. In the shorter term, he upset me by causing me to believe he was a victim of routine child rape, parental exploitation, rape as an adult, etc.

      I learned that rape, child abuse victimization and forced-feminization are his personal fantasies as a sexual submissive, and I played an unwilling and non-consensual role in his sexual fantasies by being a listening party. I listened only because I expected what was said would be true and I loyally support friends, not because I wanted participation in his sex life. It makes me sick and sad that I was used in this way, deliberately made upset, in order to get him sexually excited by listening. Someone who claimed friendship. He claims he stopped lying, but he still fabricates less elaborate stories involving men hitting on and flirting with him, and I believe he makes up these stories to spark sexual competition with me (there is none on my end).

      Other women told me they also were told “force-feminization” and other fancy lies by male friends who identify as women.

      I see these men live in a fantasy world of their own making, and compel everyone to be unwilling participants in roles and experiences they create for their personal pleasure. Every conversation can include a fantasy or manipulative game. Identifying as women is just one of the roles they star in in their minds. Although I write these articles, I know that identifying with another “gender” does not lead to violence, sexual or otherwise (the goal in presenting these is to debunk the “that never happens” myth, not to say they are all inherently criminal). Identifying with another sex definitely does seem to require a break with reality.

      • Thank you for this informative and painful reply. My first awareness of transsexualism happened at the women’s center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the early 1970s. There was a man who caused a great deal of discussion about whether or not to allow him to be there, and I still think pretty much the same way about transsexuals. He passed, he was extremely quiet and shy, he basically did not want to be around any other males. As I put it to the trans I was unknowingly having phone conversations with, transsexuals want to be completely under the radar, they do not want to draw attention to themselves. The same does not appear to be true of those who call themselves transgender. I have no problem with men who want to wear dresses or whatever as long as they do not call themselves women. I really have no problem with transsexuals who want to quietly live their lives as long as they display no fetishism or perversion, both of which seem to be male sexual paraphilias if I’m using that term correctly. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT MEN’S SEXUAL FETISHES, period. And that’s what you were unwittingly exposed to if I understand you.

        I don’t know if your experience relates to my question about gay men, but males in general seem fetish-oriented, and gay men are no different. So what’s the fetish of the day? Pretending one is trans? Plus when men are into one fetish, they seem drawn to multiple fetishes. I can’t remember who said it, but fetishism and relationship are incompatible.

        • I view him as gay, as he is not sexually attracted to women, despite the fact that he has romantic relationships (including sex) with women and casual sex with men. If he found a man who treated him well and took him seriously in a relationship, he wouldn’t bother with women (as he’s told me).

          Same, I don’t care how the next person chooses to dress. I take issue with women’s and girls’ human rights that are enshrined in law being eradicated as we are defined out of existence, and I disagree with taxpayers being forced to fund the cosmetic procedures. I also find it tragic that parents are setting their children on the path to a lifelong regimen of mutilative surgeries and unnecessary medications.

          • Whew, he really is a piece of work. I feel bad for any women who get involved with him in any way whatsoever. He will never find a man to treat him well and take him seriously because he has too many problems and men expect a partner who will cater to their emotional needs not his own.

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