Lisa Summers (Sydney Sezer)
Lisa Summers served time for sexually abusing a girl, and then decided he was a woman. (Courtesy: KATU)

Multnomah, Portland, US – Born male and named Sydney Earl Sezer at birth, Lisa Nicole Summers is a 57-year-old transgender person and the convicted sex abuser of an adolescent girl.

While still named Sydney, Mr. Sezer sexually groomed, took pictures of and repeatedly sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl for nearly a year. His actions began with inappropriate touching in July 1995, and escalated to Mr. Sezer performing oral sex acts on the adolescent.

Mr. Sezer admitted to the sexual abuse in August 1996, though the predator referred to his grooming and statutory rape of the child as a “sexual relationship” in his signed confession. The pedophile was convicted of sodomy in the first degree, and in January 1997, was handed a prison sentence of over eight years.

Upon his release from prison, Mr. Sezer declared himself a woman and legally changed his name to Lisa Summers.

Sydney Sezer transitions to Lisa Summers
Predator who sexually abused adolescent girl for almost a year transitions from Sydney Sezer to Lisa Summers. (Credit, left: mugshot from Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department; Credit: mugshots from Nevada Department of Public Safety)

The released child sex abuser then modified his appearance with longer hair, jewelry and clothing designed for women.

In 2013, he sought to further change his look with gender-affirming cosmetic surgery. Mr. Summers set up a crowdfunding website called Transforming Lisa, on which he solicited $18,000 in donations to fund an elective gender procedure.

While seeking donations through Transforming Lisa, Mr. Summers did not reveal on the website that he had served prison time for sodomizing an adolescent girl, a decision which led to public concern and harsh public criticism against Mr. Summers once the media brought to light his record of child sexual abuse.

Mr. Summers declined to grant media interviews on the topic, claiming in an email to news station KATU 2 that he feared having the public associate his new face with his prison history and his transgender status.

According to the sex offender registry, Mr. Summers now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is classified as a Tier 3 sex offender.

Sydney's Syzer's signed confession
Excerpt from Sydney’s Syzer’s signed confession (Courtesy: Katu)

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