Chloe Walker
Chloe Walker

Northampton, England, UK – Seven days following release from prison, a man with a lengthy rap sheet of sexual offenses was returned to custody after violating conditions of release.

Chloe Walker, a homeless 28-year-old male drifter who identifies as a woman, lures victims online using various aliases, which include Brandon Walker, Steven Walker, James Walker and Jamie Thornton.

The registered sex offender was slapped with a sexual harm prevention order in 2016, which banned him from using the name Jamie Thornton to speak to a victim on Facebook.

In March 2018, while serving a 10-month prison sentence for a sexual offense, Mr Walker was put on trial for having breached the order in a separate incident.

He was referenced in court with feminine pronouns under orders of District Judge Tim Daber.

Judge Daber determined that Mr Walker had breached the sexual harm prevention order, and sentenced him to an additional 18 weeks behind bars. However, when the court heard that Mr Walker was scheduled to be released the next month, and had already lined up a job and taxpayer-funded housing, Judge Daber expressed faith that Mr Walker could be reintegrated into the community, and suspended the 18-week sentence.

Warning the defendant that any breach of the conditions of release would be punishable by a return to prison to serve out the 18 weeks, the judge fined him £115 costs and an £85 surcharge.

As a condition of the release, Judge Daber ordered Mr Walker to register all pseudonyms he would use online with police prior to using them.

Seven days after the April 3 release, Mr Walker used the name Jamie Thornton to communicate with a female victim for nearly two months. Confronted by law enforcement with evidence of his new Facebook profile, Mr Walker confessed the activity to police and then before Northampton Magistrates Court.

Mr Walker must now serve out the 18-week prison sentence that was previously suspended, a judge ordered. He will also serve an additional 20 weeks for the two new offenses.

The socially reclusive man is a habitual user of cannabis, cocaine and other illegal substances, and suffers mental health issues stemming from autism.

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  1. These men should not be allowed to change their name and should not be indulged in their fetish by judges in court. Is this ones crimes recorded as being that of a female?

    • No, only because he did not go through the legal process to change his sex on record. If or when he does, his crimes will be recorded as women’s, and he will be eligible to apply for placement in women’s prison.

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