Johanna Wolf
Johanna Adrianna Wolf (Courtesy: Facebook)

Seattle, Washington, US – A transgender-identified proponent of mixed-sex accommodations was convicted of the sexual attack on a vulnerable young woman who has a physical disability.

Johanna Wolf
Johanna Wolf (Courtesy: Facebook)

Johanna Adrianna Wolf, aged 35, identifies as transgender and is an activist for transgender rights. Born male and named Jonathan Adrian Wolf before his legal name change, Mr. Wolf has prominently campaigned for men who identify as women to be granted lawful access to women’s and girls’ sex-specific accommodations, including restrooms, locker rooms and public showers.

Prior to his decision to identify as transgender and adapt a feminine name, Mr. Wolf was convicted of the 2006 rape of a hearing-impaired 20-year-old woman in Red Willow County, Nebraska.

Jonathan Adrian Wolf Sex Offender Archive Record

Jonathan Adrian to Johanna Adrianna
Jonathan Adrian Wolf transitions to Johanna Adrianna Wolf.

While advocating for transgender rights, Johanna Wolf operated numerous personal Facebook accounts under several names. Aside from his past and previous legal names and varying combinations of the two, the names Mr. Wolf has used on Facebook include Hannah Knipsel, Hannah Hartmann, and Johanna Von Luck.

Keen observers will notice that all of Mr. Wolf’s chosen names, legal and otherwise, are derived from the names of Nazis. For example, the historical figure Johanna Wolf was Adolf Hitler’s chief secretary. Kurt Knispel was a soldier in the German army who was credited with destroying 168 tanks of Allied Forces (Soviet, British and American) during World War II. Erich Hartmann was Nazi Germany’s greatest fighter ace pilot. Hans von Luck was a colonel in the Nazi Germany armed forces.

Johanna Wolf advocates for mixed-sex accommodations on Facebook before his history as a rapist is revealed.
Johanna Wolf advocates for mixed-sex public accommodations on Facebook.
Johanna Wolf advocates for gender identity under an alternate name, suggesting those who don’t agree with the ideology don’t deserve to live and should commit suicide.

Despite transgender advocates’ representation of the gender identity movement as a loving, progressive movement, and tarring of all disbelievers as hateful, white supremacist, alt-right and outdated, much of the transgender community stubbornly stands behind Mr. Wolf, a convicted rapist who appears to harbor Nazi sympathies, and who critics accuse of espousing anti-woman bigotry, and of gaslighting and harassing women concerned about safety and privacy in traditionally sex-specific public accommodations.

Controversy in trans community over Johanna Wolf
Controversy in trans community over convicted rapist Johanna Wolf.

According to Mr. Wolf, his parents spent $25,000 on his legal defense in the rape trial. This allowed Mr. Wolf to escape a prison sentence, although he was ordered to register as a sex offender.

Johanna Wolf currently resides in Seattle, Washington. Repeated searches for the names Johanna Wolf and Jonathan Wolf in the Washington State Department of Corrections and Kings County Sheriff’s Office sex offender databases have failed to produce results. This seems to indicate that Mr. Wolf did not register as a sex offender when he relocated to Washington.

Mr. Wolf is an employee at Amazon, where he works as a Software Development Engineer II with the Alexa team.

The mugshots of Johanna Adrianna Wolf, previously known as Jonathan Adrian Wolf.
The mugshots of Jonathan Adrian Wolf over the years from the sex registry of the various states in which he has resided, including Nebraska, South Dakota and California. Jonathan Adrian Wolf is now known as Johanna Adrianna Wolf due to a legal name change.

— Update 01:50:54 UTC Monday, January 7, 2019 —

What may be a copy of Mr. Wolf’s sex offender registration in Washington has been found on It is unclear why the convicted predator does not have an active listing on Washington sex offender registries at this time.


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