Transgender Photographer and Serial Pedophile: Nicola (née Ross) Florida

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    Nicola Florida

    Toronto, Ontario – Ross Florida, who is now known as Nicola Florida, is an amateur photographer and a serial pedophile who was convicted of sexually assaulting and raping children of both sexes and taking indecent pictures of some of his victims as memorabilia of the acts. While serving his eight-year prison sentence, Ross decided that he is a woman, and changed his name to Nicola.

    Following his release, Mr. Nicola scheduled an appointment with a gender identity clinic in order to obtain a subscription for hormones, and granted an interview with Somerset Live to describe his lifelong transgender journey from childhood shame for cross-dressing, and to provide advice to readers who suspect they might be transgender. In the interview, Mr. Nicola described an experience in which he was caught in the act of cross-dressing by his parents at the age of 14.

    As part of his sentence, Mr. Nicola is banned from possessing a camera and having or taking photographs of children under the age of 16. Nevertheless, Mr. Nicola brought to a photo print shop a strip of four negatives of one the young girls whom he had already served prison time for sexually assaulting, and requested to have developed into 16″ x 4″ prints the nudes of the child, who was approximately age 10. He was arrested, and officers discovered in his home several cameras and more nude images of the little girl.

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