Richard Grattige
Richard Grattige, cross-dressed as Vicky Green. He has taken hormones with the intention of presenting in feminized form full-time.

Glasgow, Scotland, UK – A middle-aged man who is undergoing hormone therapy for a gender transition was arrested after he traveled 400 miles to meet a 14-year-old.

48-year-old Richard Grattige, who identifies as transgender and calls himself Vicky Green, initiated contact through an online chat service with a person whose profile presented as belonging to an 18-year-old woman.

When his conversation partner claimed during their one-on-one chat to be a 14-year-old girl named Taylor, Mr Grattige continued the communications, and moved the exchanges to WhatsApp, a popular messaging program.

The man sent “Taylor,” whom he now believed to be 14-years-old, sexually explicit photos of himself. He asked whether “Taylor” had a boyfriend, and said he wanted her to have his baby someday: “I hope you come to me because I hope to have a baby with you, I think you would make a good mother.”

When the two discussed meeting up, Mr Grattige probed to find out if she was ready to have sex with him, asking if he should bring condoms.

Mr Grattige offered to just cuddle with the girl if she was not yet ready for more. “It’s not about the sex I just love you so much,” he claimed in a conversation shortly before arranging a trip to Glasgow, Scotland from his hometown of Maidstone, Kent.

Richard Grattige, a confessed pervert, is taking hormones to permanently transition to his Vicky Green persona (right)
Richard Grattige, a confessed pervert, is taking hormones to permanently transition to his Vicky Green persona (right)

Upon arrival to Glasgow’s Buchanan Street bus station, where he expected to meet the child, Mr Grattige was instead confronted by members of Wolf Pack Hunters UK, a community group dedicated to exposing child sexual predators and ending sexualized grooming and abuse of children.

Wolf Pack Hunters UK live-streamed video of Mr Grattige confessing to them his plan to meet an underage girl, and begging them to allow him to return home.

Anxious, Mr Grattige soiled his pants during the confrontation with the vigilante community group. “I just s— myself. I’ve got diarrhoea,” he told Wolf Pack Hunters members as the video streamed to the group’s Facebook page.

Richard Grattige cross-dressed as Vicky Green
Richard Grattige cross-dressed as Vicky Green

Arrested and brought to face Airdrie Sheriff Court, Mr Grattige admitted to communicating indecently and intending to have sex with an underage girl.

“It is relevant to say that before this he was in the course of transitioning to become a female,” Alan Cox, who is representing Mr Grattige, told the court. The solicitor said that his client, who was using “hormone tablets” to feminize his appearance, will continue the transition.

Sheriff Frank Pieri remanded Mr Grattige in custody and his sentence is deferred. The Sheriff has placed Mr Grattige on the sex offenders’ registry indefinitely.

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