Gary Dean Marie
Once an occasional cross-dresser who satisfied his urges by breaking into the homes of teen girls to masturbate while wearing their panties, Gary Dean Marie transitioned to full-time femininity while behind bars. Now calling himself Marie Dean, the “dangerous and prolific” sexual predator is demanding to be placed in prison with women.

Preston, Lancashire, UK – Marie Dean is a 52-year-old predator with a record of over 60 violent and sexual offences, which include breaking into homes to masturbate while wearing the panties of the teen residents, collecting indecent images of underage girls, and firing gas at arresting officers. Imprisoned for his crimes, the male cross-dresser began to self-identify as a woman. He has launched a hunger strike, vowing to starve himself to death unless imprisoned with women and given access to beauty products.

Crimes & Capture

Named Gary Dean Marie at his birth in the Channel Islands, Mr. Dean’s sexual compulsions to wear feminine clothing and his urges for children led him to break into multiple Burnley and Padiham homes in which teen girls resided.

Mr. Dean would enter the girls’ bedrooms and put on their bras and panties. Excited by the scent and feeling of used feminine wear on his body, he would pleasure himself in the girls’ bedrooms and memorialize the adventures on video.

When police officers spotted the suspicious masked character riding a bike through Padiham and approached him, Mr. Dean fired gas at them, causing three of the six officers to go down.

Arrested that day in 2009 and found to be wearing a thong and bra under his dark clothing, Mr. Dean ultimately confessed to burglary, going equipped for burglary, using a firearm with intent to resist arrest, and six counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. A jury additionally convicted him of six counts of voyeurism, 11 of possession of indecent images of children, and one of taking indecent images of children.

Authorities declared Mr. Dean a “dangerous and prolific offender” who “posed a significant risk to the community.” The judge handed him an indeterminate prison sentence. If ever released into the community, Mr. Dean will be required to register as a sex offender, and strict conditions will bar him from contact with children and his prior victims.

Fighting for the Right to Be Pretty in Prison & Enclosed With Female Inmates

While imprisoned, Mr. Dean has determined that, not only does he like clothing designed for women, but that he is a woman. In January 2018, the sexual offender declared it his right to be transferred to women’s prison and be provided with epilators, makeup and hair straighteners for his in-prison beauty routine.

Announcing that he was refusing food and would starve to death if necessary if he couldn’t be pretty behind bars and caged in with female inmates, the sexual predator compared himself to Bobby Sands, a member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) who died on hunger strike while imprisoned in Northern Ireland. In 1981, Sands led hunger strikes on behalf of IRA prisoners who were protesting the British government’s decision to rescind their “political prisoner” status; in total 10 prisoners died before the hunger strike was called off, and shortly thereafter reforms for all prisoners were granted.

In a letter to friends, Mr. Dean described how four male transgender inmates who had made and carried out a suicide pact at HMP Doncaster had not used their suicides correctly, and his ploy would be more clever. “I stopped eating and drinking and should die in about three, maybe four weeks,” he wrote. “I think three [trans] girls have killed themselves now, but I think they did it too quickly.”

“We specifically request that Marie Dean has her identity as a woman immediately returned to her,” Mr. Dean’s friends stated in a letter to the Ministry of Justice. “To be given back her clothes and her makeup to allow her to maintain her dignity and for her to be moved into the female estate as quickly as possible.”

Accepting Mr. Dean’s premise that he is a woman, and his implication that a woman is better off dead than having a hairless body, straightened hair on the head and painted face, news outlets promoted Mr. Dean as a prisoner tortured by an unjust system, the hero of a modern struggle for civil rights.

Gary Dean Marie dressed in a home-made balaclava, like the one in this image, when he broke into homes to masturbate in the panties of teen girls.
Cross-dressing pervert Gary Dean Marie wore a home-made balaclava like the one in this image when he broke into homes to wear and masturbate in teen girls’ stolen underwear.

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