Transgender Pedophile Sends Bomb Threats to Government Officials: Marcia (née Mark) Walker

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    Marcia (née Mark) Walker, a child rapist, made bomb threats because he resented the time it was taking to get gender-affirming surgery

    South Littleton, Worcestershire – Marcia Walker, aged 43, is a pedophile who raped two young girls, one of whom was only four-years-old, and captured, developed and distributed indecent photographs of children. Marcia has a record of 38 criminal convictions, and is currently under investigation for making bomb threats to various government officials.

    Marcia was born male and named Mark, but changed his name upon deciding he was a woman, and demanded that he be provided gender-affirming surgery. Mr. Marcia, furious that a decision had not been reached on his gender-affirming surgery within a time period he deemed expedient, proceeded to make a series of bomb threats to several government officials. He sent the first threat to Prime Minister Theresa May’s home in November 2012, warning that she was “a dead woman.” He confessed to the bomb hoax, and while serving a six-month sentence for that crime in Long Lartin high security prison, Mr. Marcia delivered a letter to a senior prison officer, claiming that the officer’s home would be blown up by a bomb that same night. An hour later, he sent a threat for governor Tom Wheatley, which said he’d enjoy watching the aftermath of the explosion that was soon to occur at the governor’s house.


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