Trans-Identified Man Who Raped Young Girls Housed in Women’s Prison: Jessica Winfield (née Martin Ponting)

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    Martin Ponting a.k.a. Jessica Winfield

    A Rapist in Women's Prison

    Ashford Middlesex – 50-year-old father of three Jessica Winfield (née Martin Ponting) is a man who identifies as a woman. Mr. Jessica raped two little girls, and is serving life in prison. The inmate was provided “gender reassignment surgery” at tax payers’ expense, which consisted of breast implants. The man known as Jessica was then relocated into a women’s prison. Mr. Jessica sexually assaulted numerous female inmates at that prison, and had to be placed in isolation.

    One of Mr. Jessica’s rape victims called his placement in a woman’s prison a “kick in the teeth,” stating, “He may have changed physically, but his brain is still the same. You can change somebody’s genitals, but it’s not going to take away the urge and impulse inside them to do horrific things to children.” Mr. Jessica once wrote a letter to a newspaper complaining that female inmates were “add[ing] pressure” to his life by failing to understand and empathize with his inner woman.

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    woman in prison
    RAPE MENACE MOVED Transgender rapist moved to women’s jail put in segregation after making ‘unwanted advances’ on other lags

    The Sun
    Jessica Winfield, 50, who as Martin Ponting raped two young girls, was moved after starting gender reassignment treatment on the NHS — despite still having a penis. She was segregated last week after being reported for making inappropriate advances to other prisoners. A source said: “It beggars belief why a convicted double rapist like Jessica is allowed to mix with females despite still having her penis intact. “Prison bosses were worried she would try it on with inmates and their fears have come true. “Inmates were furious to be lumbered with a convicted rapist in the first place and they’re even more angry now.”

    HMP Bronzefield, Women's Prison
    Transgender rapist who attacked two young girls 'moved to women's jail after £10k NHS sex change surgery'

    The Mirror
    A rapist who attacked two young girls has reportedly been moved to a women-only prison after undergoing sex change surgery. Jessica Winfield, born Martin Ponting, was given £10,000 gender reassignment surgery on the NHS while serving a life sentence. The 50-year-old transitioned while being held at top-security Whitemoor prison in Cambridgeshire. The father-of-three has now been transferred to women-only HMP Bronzefield in Ashford, Surrey, according to The Sun .


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