Sydney, New South Wales, AU – Karl Booth Amati graduated from John Curtin College of the Arts before studying sociology and U.S. foreign policy at University of Sydney. He formed the punk band Everything I Own is Broken, which made its debut at Annandale in April 2012.

Karl Amati in his band Everything I Own Is Broken
Karl Amati in a performance with his punk band Everything I Own Is Broken. (Courtesy: Facebook)

Back then, Amati had a short buzz cut and earrings, and wore a black jacket that was covered with punk band patches and badges, and adorned with spikes on the shoulders.

Karl Amati
Karl Amati in his earlier days. (Courtesy: Daily Mail)

Amati began identifying as a woman in 2012. He was dating Tara Maree at the time of his transition, a five-hour operation performed in Thailand in January 2015.

Evie Amati
Karl “Evie” Amati and his then-girlfriend during happier times. (Courtesy: Facebook via Daily Mail)

On January 7, 2017, now known as Evie, Amati smoked two joints, smiled, and heard voices ordering him to “kill, maim and inflict pain on people and start the rise of hell on earth,” he would later say. Amati wrote in a disturbing social media post:

Most people deserve to die … one day I’m going to kill a lot of people. … Humans are only able to destroy, to hate, so that is what I shall do.

According to prosecutors, Amati was enraged, imagining that a woman he had met in person via a dating website rejected him after realizing Amati is transgender. Amati claims that it was chronic depression, not angry entitlement, that drove him to take drugs and alcohol.

Evie Amati
Karl after his transition to Evie.

Karl proceeded to a 7-Eleven store in Enmore, Sydney, and swung an ax into Benjamin Rimmer’s face while Rimmer was waiting in line to pay for a pie. The force of the blow was so extreme, it caused Rimmer’s nasal bone, eye socket and cheekbone to fracture.

Sharon Hacker was another of Amati’s victims. Hacker’s skull got fractured when Amati struck her at the back of her head. Hacker still suffers from excruciating pain.

The attacker also swung the ax at Shane Redwood after leaving the gas station, but Redwood escaped injury.

Evie Amati Ax Attack
Evie Amati goes on a bloody rampage. (Courtesy: Sydney Morning Herald)

Amati was charged with three counts of attempted murder, and pleaded not guilty on mental health grounds.

Amati blamed the deterioration of his mental health on the hormones he was taking for his transition. Charles Waterstreet, Amati’s lawyer, claimed that Amati was on “a large amount” of anti-depressants, hormonal drugs and another drug given to Amati “by a third person.”

Waterstreet also stated that Amati had been taking marijuana to help with the physical and psychiatric pain of the transition operation that was done in Thailand.

The consumption of those drugs, Waterstreet said, led to a gory ax murderer scene.

Waterstreet said that Amati has no memory of the attack.

The jury rejected Amati’s defense of suffering mental illness at the time of the attack. He was found guilty on Aug 3, 2018. The sentencing phase began in September.

Amati was held in Silverwater women’s jail, and requested estrogen booster (Progynova) and testosterone (Spractin). He was later transferred to the women’s section of Cessnock. Lawyers claimed he was in a “male jail,” and being deprived of hormones and psychiatric treatment. They demanded his release on bail. The application was denied.

In January 2019, Amati was sentenced to a maximum of nine years, and will be eligible for parole in July 2021 due to time served.

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