Transgender Equality Officer Attacks Teen Girl: Carol Lea


Liverpool, England, UK – An individual who identifies as a woman viciously attacked a teen girl with a hammer over a disabled parking space.

A video of the May 9 attack posted online shows an individual in an orange jacket punching the girl’s male companion in the face while a second individual in beige clothing, later identified by authorities as 55-year-old Carol Lea, tries to hit him on the head with a phone.

This second individual then retrieves a hammer from the trunk of a car, grabs the teen girl, and puts her in a headlock; the teen can be heard screaming, “Get off me now!”. To defend against the attack, the teen hits the person in beige with her boot. The young man tells the individual in beige to get off the teen girl, and stands between them as the teen shouts “Get her f****** off me now!”.  The individual in beige gives the hammer to the one in orange, and the girl gets into the passenger seat of her car. The individual in beige then demands a hairband be returned, opens the teen’s car door, and tries to hit the girl. In response, the teen tries to kick the individual in beige, while screaming, “Help!”. A man races over to pull the individual in beige off the teen, yelling at the one in beige, “Hey, f*** off! What do you know?!”.

The teen girl suffered head injuries, and was taken to hospital for assessment.

Police have charged the individual in orange and the individual in beige. The latter individual, Lea, was charged with possessing an offensive weapon in a public place and threatening behaviour; Lea was released on conditional bail pending further enquiries. The individual in orange was arrested on suspicion of affray, and was cautioned for threatening behaviour.

According to Lea’s LinkedIn profile, Lea was an adviser to students at Liverpool Hope University and Wirral Hospital Trust, and had also been a “trainer” for five years to Merseyside Police in areas of ‘equality and diversity’.

British police forces have used other trans activists with a history of violent or antagonistic behaviour for similar training. As outlined by the Times:

  • Kellie Maloney, a transgender boxing promoter, who as Frank Maloney tried to strangle his then wife, has given trans awareness talks to Kent police.
  • Cheryl Morgan, a trans activist from Bristol, refers to women who disagree with gender self-identification policies as “TERFs” (a derogatory term that stands for trans exclusionary radical feminists) and an “infestation”. Morgan was used by Avon and Somerset police to run ‘equality training’, including with cadets.
  • Carol Steele, member of the transgender support group, Transfigurations, appeared to defend an assault of a 60-year-old woman by a 26 year-old transgender male. Steele claimed the woman had “started the ruckus” and had attacked the male-bodied individual. These claims were dismissed by a judge, who found the young male guilty of assault. Steele has provided training to Devon and Cornwall police.

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