Mason “Adree” Edmo. (Courtesy: Facebook)

Boise, Idaho – A man who sexually assaulted an adolescent child is being praised by mainstream media as a civil rights hero after he won a landmark lawsuit against the Idaho Department of Correction that is expected to make him the first transgender inmate in the state and the second in the country to undergo gender-affirming surgery.

Adree Edmo, aged 31, claims that he already identified as a woman by 2012, the year that he sexually abused a child who was under the age of 16.

A prison psychiatrist and prison psychologist both determined that Mr. Edmo has gender dysphoria, a condition that causes him to identify as a woman despite being biologically male. Following the diagnosis, the Idaho Department of Correction provided Mr. Edmo with medical hormones that would gradually feminize his appearance.

The inmate styled his hair, and adorned himself with makeup and undergarments that he had modified to look feminine.

Not satisfied, Mr. Edmo made a series of suicide attempts, tried to castrate his own genitalia in 2015, and became a routine self-cutter. He claimed that his “emotional pain” was too great, and would not end until the Idaho DOC provided him with the gender-affirming surgery he wanted.

Judge B. Lynn Winmill
Judge B. Lynn Winmill ruled in favor of Mason “Adree” Edmo, finding that the Idaho Department of Correction should not deprive convicted child sex abuser Edmo of taxpayer-funded, gender-affirming surgery. (Courtesy: KIFI: Local News 8)

Mr. Edmo sued the Idaho Department of Correction, demanding gender-affirming surgery. The presiding judge, B. Lynn Winmill, ruled in favor of the convicted child sexual predator.

If the judgment is not overturned on state appeal, Mr. Edmo will become Idaho’s first and the nation’s second inmate to receive gender-affirming surgery at taxpayers’ expense.

Taxpayers who oppose the use of their money to reward an imprisoned criminal with expensive elective surgery are fighting back with an online petition on The petition, created by taxpayer David Jones, has already gathered well over 4,000 signatures, with more pouring in at press time.

Idaho taxpayer Micky Dunn wrote, “I [definitely] do not think the tax payers should have to pay for the surgery. Make him work & earn the money like everyone else does when they want or need something. It’s his own fault he’s in there. We are already paying for his food, room & board, etc.”

Mason "Adree" Edmo and Brady Summers
Brady Summers says his partner of two years, Mason “Adree” Edmo, terrorized him throughout their two-year partnership, subjecting him to beatings and forceful rape. (Courtesy: Brady Summers via KIFI: Local News 8)

Mr. Edmo, who was named Mason Edmo at birth, also has a record of intimate partner violence. “He would beat me on a constant basis,” Mr. Edmo’s male ex-partner, Brady Summers, tearfully recalled in an on-camera interview with KIFI: Local News 8.

“I had to keep my head low. I had to be careful what I said, careful what I did. And the final straw of me escaping that was him beating me with a frying pan.”

In addition to routine beatings, Mr. Summers claimed that his ex violently raped him. “He was a predator. He, on several occasions, had his way with me. It was brutal.”

“It’s not right that we as taxpayers have to be involved with this,” Mr. Summers added. “He never once thought about his victims, our emotional sanity.”

Many mainstream news outlets laud Mr. Edmo’s successful landmark lawsuit, with few naming the crime he is imprisoned for.

Mr. Edmo is expected to be released from prison in July 2021.

Mason "Adree" Edmo
Mason “Adree” Edmo. (Credit: Idaho Department of Correction)


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Idaho Department of Correction
MASON DEAN EDMO #94691 Mailing Address: IDAHO STATE CORRECTIONAL CENTER B BLOCK PO Box 70010 Boise, ID 83707 Status: Age: 31 Phone Number: 208-331-2760 Offense SEXUAL ABUSE OF A CHILD UNDER 16 Sentencing County BANNOCK Case No. CR11-11293 Sentence Satisfaction Date 07/03/2021

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