Brian "Linda" Thompson
Linda Thompson (Credit: Oregon Department of Corrections via The Washington Post)

Cheyenne, Wyoming, US – Linda Thompson is a man who identifies as a woman. A career criminal, Mr. Thompson has spent ⅓ of his life in prison, and served prison sentences in six states: Utah, Idaho, California, Washington, Wyoming and Oregon.

While in the first prison in Idaho, Mr. Thompson castrated himself. Officials delayed treatment of Mr. Thompson’s gender dysphoria, saying he first needed extensive psychotherapy, including treatment for his long-term history of alcoholism. Mr. Thompson admits he had started drinking at age 12 or 13.

When officials refused to immediately prescribe him hormones as he demanded, Mr. Thompson severed what remained of his genitalia a year later. After a month, he attempted suicide, taking a sharp instrument to his throat. Ultimately, he successfully sued the Idaho Department of Corrections and got the hormones.

Mr. Thompson’s usual crimes are theft and bank robberies. Most recently, in 2016 at the age of 59, Mr. Thompson entered a bank and falsely claimed to have a gun. The bank teller handed over cash. Upon exiting the bank, Mr. Thompson tossed cash in the air, making it rain money, and handed cash to random passerby, telling them he’d just robbed a bank.

When arrested, Mr. Thompson confessed, saying he had committed the crime in order to get back in prison, where he could again get access to hormones. He claimed that the 37 months he’d spent out of prison since his last stint behind bars had been a torment without the drugs. He had also been unemployed since his transition, he said, as employers in the gas industry seemed unwilling to hire a person who believes himself to be the other sex.

For decades, Mr. Thompson secretly identified as a woman, and wore clothing made for women in the privacy of his home. Outside the home, the over 6-foot tall, heavy-set, deep-voiced man went overboard attempting to be macho, working on oil rigs, in construction, at welder shops and on ranches. In 1991, he tired of macho culture and decided to take up a feminine identity publicly and full-time. He had his ears pierced, grew out and permed his hair, grew his nails and purchased clothing made for women at thrift stores.

Mr. Thompson got his wish to be incarcerated, and is currently serving a six-year sentence in federal prison, where he receives the hormones he craved.

Linda née Brian Thompson in a 2016 mugshot.
Linda (née Brian) Thompson in a 2016 mugshot. (Handout | Reuters via NBC News)


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