Nashville, Tennessee, US – Under existing law in the state of Tennessee, a person may be found guilty of the criminal offense of indecent exposure if, while in a public place, he intentionally exposes his genitalia to others, or has a reasonable expectation that his bare genitalia will be seen and offend the viewer.

Now a Tennessee lawmaker is seeking to expand this protection to such facilities as locker rooms and changing rooms.

Under HB 1151, the existing indecent exposure law will expand to include “incidents occurring in a restroom, locker room, dressing room, or shower, designated for single-sex, multi-person use, if the offender is a member of the opposite sex than the sex designated for use.”

The amendment will “ensure that the definition of public space, as is already in law, is expanded,” State Rep. John Ragan, who proposed the bill, explained. It “simply adds clarity to the definitions and otherwise leaves current law on indecent exposure unchanged.”

The proposal initially included a clause stating that “gender dysphoria, gender confusion, or similar conditions” could not be used as a legal defense against a charge of indecent exposure. Rep. Ragan dropped this line from the proposal on Wednesday, March 13 when the House Criminal Justice subcommittee convened to debate the language of HB 1151.

The proposed amendment was met with outrage by the transgender community. Transgender activists claim that the indecent exposure bill would have the effect of criminalizing transgender individuals’ use of restroom, locker room, changing room and public shower facilities designated for the other sex.

While the subcommittee discussed the proposal, around a dozen transgender rights activists gathered outside of the General Assembly to protest.

The proposal comes at a time when there have been a number of incidents of men who identify as transgender women exposing their nudity in public facilities designated for women and girls.

In January, a group of teen girls from Palm Springs High School entered the women’s locker room at a city pool in California, and spotted a fully nude man taking a shower. When the coaches of the girls’ polo team confronted the man, he claimed to “identify as female.” The girls’ parents said the man left the pool area when they “tried to take his picture.”

“They were mortified, scared, and traumatized quite honestly. These girls don’t have experience with the male physique,” said Christine Foster, a mother of one of the teen polo players.

“Most of us are parents, and we’re fearful that our kids will come here and be exposed to something far earlier than what they expect to be exposed to,” parent Patrick Rawlings said.

Colleen Francis
Women and teen girls claim that Colleen Francis created an intimidating atmosphere in the women’s locker room by regularly walking around with his penis exposed, and sitting in the sauna naked with his legs open.

In a more famous case from 2012, 45-year-old Florida college student Colleen Francis regularly walked around the women’s locker room at Evergreen State College fully nude, and sprawled naked in the sauna. Girls as young as six were present while Mr. Francis exposed his male genitals.

A female swim coach ordered the man to leave and called police, but she later apologized once Mr. Francis said he had been identifying as a woman for three years.

In both of these cases, as in other similar instances, police were unable to pursue charges against the naked men due to their claims to identify as part of the female sex.

The House Justice Committee approved Rep. Ragan’s indecent exposure bill and voted to pass it to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“Nazi!” one of the angry transgender activists screamed at Rep. Ragan as he exited the Tennessee General Assembly by a private entrance.


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  1. Of course they protest, because they know that every woman and child is just dying to see a male’s penis right? And it should be every penis-haver’s right to flaunt his stuff whenever he wishes, right? And people wonder why women do not want these men in sex segregated spaces? Aubtogynephilia in action!

  2. A simple solution to this issue is to not allow transwomen in these areas unless they’ve had SRS surgery and no longer have a functioning penis. These spaces are segregated by sex, not gender identity, and have been designed in order to protect biological women from men… I don’t see why anyone with a penis should be allowed access to these areas at all!

    • Who is going to check men’s pants first to see whether or not they have a penis?

      The simple solution is for men to use men’s showers, locker rooms and dressing rooms. There has not been a report of a single incident anywhere in the world of men raping, committing voyeurism against or physically attacking men who identify as trans women while they were using men’s restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms or showers (check for yourself).

      These laws exist because women and girls were and are being subjected to voyeurism and sexual assaults in restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, showers, etc. If you do a web search for these voyeuristic spy cameras, you’ll see women and girls are being targeted for this, not men who identify as women. Women and girls are 91% of victims of sex crimes in general, as well.

      If men who identify as women feel they need separate spaces for safety, they should be required to prove to the law using statistics and fight for spaces – just as women did – rather than taking a shortcut and simply taking women’s and girls’ instead, and pushing women and girls out. If it’s about safety, they wouldn’t mind a third restroom option. However, it’s not about safety, which is why they do not find that solution acceptable.

      • Exactly! Thank you for exposing their demand they be able to expose themselves to girls and women.
        We must stop this. Write letters, everyone! A letter a week, protesting male-to-trans incursions on female’s rights.

    • No, they are not ‘transwomen’; they’re men, who MAY have artificially drugged themselves with hormones, and who MAY have had some of their body-parts amputated. Still men inside and outside. So the person who would have been a pervert to be in the same locker-room or whatever as us women would still be the same pervert (i.e. same mind and soul, and at least almost all the same body) in that same place, seeing us in states of undress, listening to us when we’re in the toilet-stalls, possibly peeping in them, possibly snooping in our possessions and stealing our underwear, or similar pervert activities. It’s not just about male bodies (which no matter any treatment remain ultimately male anyway) but about ours too. And doing this all to young girls too! But probably even worse, since such a place is relatively private, on average, a predatory man can easily overpower a lone woman, and rape or kill her, to say nothing of doing it to a child. If he has had amputation that would interfere with rape, he could still commit murder, technical rape, and sexual assault in general. We women would have to start concealed carry with regular training, in great numbers, and always accompany daughters, so that the difference in power would be equalized so much that any man would fear death. (I’m for concealed carry, but haven’t gotten training for it, and am not sure how I would manage in it.) And I agree with Diana Shaw about the checking. They could say they’d get some certification from doctors, but that can be forged. So this surgery is almost entirely irrelevant.

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