Julie Rei Goldstein
Julie Rei Goldstein is one of the transgender rights activists leading a campaign to have gender non-conforming children taken from their parents if the parents will not acquiesce to medicating these children with puberty blockers and starting them on a lifelong regimen of medication with cross-sex hormones and possible surgical amputation. (Credit: Brent Bailey)

Hamilton County, Ohio, US – Transgender rights activists have launched a legal campaign to have law enforcement seize children from parents who refuse to start their healthy, but gender non-conforming offspring on the path to a lifelong regimen of medication and various amputative rituals – up to and including breast binding, surgical removal of breasts and uterus and ovaries, surgical castration of the testicles, and surgical inversion of the penis.

A legal precedent was recently established by the case of a 17-year-old girl whose parents refused to call her by the traditionally male name she had chosen, or to allow her to consume hormones that were prescribed to her by a team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

The stated goal of the medical team is to modify the “child’s gender presentation, and feelings of non-conformity.” The team claimed that to do so is necessary to decrease the child’s suicide risk – though peer-reviewed studies have consistently found that neither hormones nor gender-affirming surgery reduces the rate of suicide attempts or successfully completed suicides in transgender-identifying individuals.

Judge Sylvia Sieve Hendon
Judge Sylvia Sieve Hendon ordered that a child be taken from her parents after the parents refused an order to medicate a healthy child because she doesn’t conform to gender roles. (Courtesy: Ballotpedia)

Judge Sylvia Sieve Hendon turned the child over to the custody of her grandparents, whom the judge gave authority to add to their medical insurance and make medical decisions on her behalf.

Gender-affirming procedures for a female-born person to achieve a masculine appearance can cost as much as $50,000.

The girl’s parents stated through their attorney that they thought the child too young “to make such a life-altering decision at this time.” They added that the hormone treatment was a violation of their religious beliefs.

Ohio policy makers have proposed a bill that would strip judges of discretion in some family cases involving minors and gender-affirming procedures.


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