Hamilton, Ontario, CA – A transgender activist and anarchist leader with a long-term pattern of inciting demonstrators to engage in militant action was arrested last weekend on a parole violation.

33-year-old Peter Hopperton, a man who identifies as a woman and calls himself Cedar, was arrested at a rally outside of City Hall on Saturday, June 22. Police say Mr Hopperton took part in a violent clash at Gage Park on June 15, in which anti-Fascist attendees of a Pride celebration traded blows with alt-right, evangelical protesters.

Two other anti-Fascists, a 32- and 35-year-old, were also arrested. Police say the three, including Mr Hopperton, are visible in videos of the incident, punching and throwing protesters to the ground, clothed in black, their faces masked with pink balaclavas. 27-year-old Chris Vanderweide, who said he was at the Pride event to “protect the evangelists against anti-Fascist Pride allies,” was arrested days later and charged with assault with a weapon. Video appears to show him striking anti-Fascists in the face with a helmet while dressed in pseudo-combat gear.

This is happening in the city where I live. Last year, there was over $100000 worth of vandalism done on the street where I live. Black clad, masked antifa carried a sign saying ‘We are the ungovernables’ went down the street smashing cars and the windows of small businesses. The ringleader, Cedar Hopperton (Peter), was sent to women’s prison because he had recently decided to be trans. I’m not sure when he was released.

This year’s Pride happened on June 15th. The antifa knew a group of Christian fundAmEntalists were going to protest, so they showed up dressed in black with their faces covered by pink balaclavas. There was fighting on both sides, and Cedar was arrested for parole violations. Before his arrest, he publicly called for violence by the LGBTQ community.

He exhibits typically male aggression and anger. I can’t see how it is fair to house him with vulnerable women in prison. The irony is that one of the major issues the queer community has right now is that police [are] anti-LGBTQ. But Cedar was free to choose which prison he got sent to, regardless of how the women he was housed with felt. The justice system in Canada is not anti-trans at all. In reality, it favours their feelings over the protection of women.

~Sara Wiseman

30 masked individuals marched to Locke Street to commit acts of vandalism.
In 2018, 30 masked individuals marched to Locke Street to commit acts of vandalism.

Mr Hopperton, who is being held at Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre, has proclaimed innocence and launched a hunger-strike. His alleged involvement in the clash breaches a condition of his 2018 sentence banning him from attending protests that disturb the peace.

On March 3, 2018, Mr Hopperton incited 30 masked individuals, dressed in black, to march from the Durand neighborhood carrying a banner that read, “We Are The Ungovernables.” The 10 pm march followed a book fair held by The Tower, an anarchist collective operated by Mr Hopperton. The group damaged vehicles, broke store windows with rocks, and roused terror with noise from a portable sound system and fireworks as they moved along Locke Street. They left $100,000 worth of damages in their wake.

Mr Hopperton was the only one arrested for the Locke Street vandalism. Initially held in Barton Jail in Hamilton, he was ultimately transferred, according to his wishes, to Vanier Centre for Women, a correctional facility for female offenders that is located in Milton.

17 accused conspirators of militant protests against G20
17 accused conspirators of militant protests against G20.

Mr Hopperton previously served prison time in 2011 after confessing his role in encouraging fellow anti-fascists to take part in a “militant, confrontational march” during protests against the 2010 G20 summit in Toronto, which led to property damage. According to Crown attorney Vincent Paris, Mr Hopperton’s G20 protest group planned to hit targets such as City Hall, Metro Hall, Goldman Sachs, The Bay and various consulates.

Sixteen people were accused of conspiring with him; charges were withdrawn against 11 of them in exchange for guilty pleas by six: Mr Hopperton, Adam Lewis, Eric Lankin, Leah Henderson, Amanda Hiscocks and Alex Hundert. On the day that Mr Hopperton, Mr Lewis and Mr Lankin pleaded guilty to counselling to commit an indictable offence, their allies packed the courtroom to capacity, and screamed and cheered in loud, defiant support every time one of the men spoke.

Peter transitioned to Cedar
Peter transitioned to Cedar

Mr Hopperton, if convicted of the latest charges, may again be housed in a prison with women.

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  1. This sick sadistic misogynist should be housed in the MALE prison. What the hell is the matter with our lawmakers and judges? Misogynist feelings trump Women’s RIGHTS has GOT TO STOP

  2. These are the real fascists, trying to control everyone’s lives & minds. I was wondering where the police were. Apparently screens & whistles are criminal tools for obscuring beatings, & of course disguises are.

  3. It is my understanding that “antifa” protesters are available for hire specifically to disrupt and vandalize. Just as this dude can call himself female, he can call himself anarchist and know nothing about anarchism which demands intense personal responsibility as well as a sense of responsibility toward others. I believe it has been suggested that George Soros has hired these terrorists to disrupt dyke marches, but it would be interesting to know who specifically is funding them. Yes, Greta, antifa = fascism.

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