Transactivists outside of Metro Headquarters
Transactivists gather outside of Metro Headquarters, frightening occupants at the facility by throwing smoke bombs and blocking exits.

Kensington, West London, UK – Angered by an ad published in a major UK newspaper, trans rights activists trapped the news staff indoors at the newspaper’s headquarters, picketed in front of the building, and threw smoke bombs.

The Debate

As the debate over Gender Recognition Certificates grew more heated over the month of October 2018, British newspaper Metro published a full-page ad by Fair Play for Women. Fair Play’s ad declared: “Think About It. #choosereality.”

The ad space was purchased by Fair Play for Women as part of a campaign by the women’s rights organization to preserve the human rights of women as a sex class. Fair Play believes that gender identity laws are canceling out established legislation that safeguards women’s and girls’ human rights.

Fair Play for Women ad in Metro
Fair Play for Women ad in Metro. (Courtesy: Twitter)

Around the same time, the Metro also published an ad in support of transgender rights. The pro-trans ad announced:

To all our trans family, colleagues, customers and friends, 

We are proud to stand alongside you in the fight for trans equality. We support your right to be yourself and you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in all parts of your daily life. We will keep playing our part to make that happen and we will send you our support and strength in the face of the hostility directed at you. We are proud to come out for trans equality.

Stonewall-Metro pro-trans ad
Stonewall-Metro pro-trans ad

Although with the latter ad, the Metro seemed to eschew the appearance of objectivity and show favor to trans-identified people’s perspective, transgender rights activists decried the Metro as transphobic, denouncing the newspaper for exposing readers to another side of the public debate on gender identity policy.

The Retaliation

In retaliation for what they deemed an act of transphobia, a sizable pack of transgender rights activists descended on Metro’s London headquarters.

The assembled trans activists created an intimidating atmosphere at the facility, throwing smoke bombs and blocking exits as they picketed.

Frightened newspaper staffers fled the building by a side exit, before trans activists later found and blocked those doors, as well. Trans activists effectively trapped staff inside of the building and barred others from entering.

A Pattern of Violence

Transgender rights activists have a pattern of using group violence to silence dissenters.

In September 2017, four biologically male individuals who identify as transgender women viciously attacked a 61-year-old woman, Maria MacLachlan, at Speaker’s Corner. The woman was attending a gathering that was dedicated to discussing the implications of the Gender Recognition Act on women’s rights. Tara Wolf, aged 26, a male model who self-identifies as a woman, was later convicted of physically brutalizing the senior citizen. Mr. Wolf admitted in court that he had posted on Twitter his express intention to go to the location to beat up women who disagreed with his belief in gender identity ideology.

In an April 2018 incident, a large gang of transgender rights activists wearing masks blocked the entrances and staircases at a venue that was hosting a community meeting to discuss the impact of the Gender Recognition Act on existing laws safeguarding women’s rights. The large gang refused to permit the guests to enter the venue.  As the women attempted to capture the gang’s bullying on video, the bullies viciously shoved the women’s recording devices.

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Trans activists protest outside Metro newspaper and allegedly throw smoke bombs

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As Waterson added, smoke bombs were also allegedly thrown during the protests and filled the entrance of Northcliffe House. Staff from the building left through a side entrance. Others posted videos and photos of protesters outside the building.

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