Peter Frederiksen
Peter Frederiksen mutilated women and stored the genitals in his freezer (Credit: GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFP/Getty Images)

The Associated Press reported that Peter Frederiksen, a 58-year-old Danish gun store owner in South Africa, lured women and then sedated them before mutilating their bodies.

Frederiksen stored the severed clitorises of his female victims in a freezer, and kept a diary logging each of the mutilations.

Frederiksen was turned in to authorities by his wife, Anna Matseliso Molise, who told investigators that her husband had drugged her and pierced her genitalia. Frederiksen was arrested and charged with sexual assault, intimidation and domestic violence.

Via her Twitter account @ztsamudzi, transgender rights activist Zoé Samudzi declared that the worst part of the news release on the mutilation of women’s vaginas is the “cissexism” that is “inherent” in the reporting:

Trans activist Zoe on twitter

According to adherents of gender identity ideology, it is bigotry to associate the vulva with women and girls. Under this belief system, penises can be female; thus, the only way one is able to determine the sex of another person’s genitalia is for the person whose body the genitalia is attached to to inform you of how she or he “identifies.” Gender identity is a person’s ardent faith that he or she was born with the inner essence of the other sex.

Gender identity ideology is an anti-woman movement that prioritizes the feelings of men who perceive of themselves as women over the safety and lives of women and girls.

The fact that women and girls were targeted by Frederiksen – to be subjected to gruesome physical abuses, fearful circumstances, violation of intimate privacy and natural right to bodily autonomy, and that the victims will face a life of physical pain and possible serious and even fatal consequences to their physical health and mental wellness – is not nearly as important to transgender rights activists as a man reading news reports about the horrific crimes and feeling jealous and sorry for himself at the reminder that vulvas are a female organ that he does not and will never have.

His realization that he is a man, and was only living in a fantasy, outweighs female reality.

Frederiksen was sentenced to life in prison for various crimes – including the rape of a 9-year-old girl, which he logged in his diary of horrors – as well as for conspiracy to murder for hiring the hitman who shot his wife Anna to death outside of her home.


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