Dean Sawley
Dean Sawley began to wear feminine clothes and announced his intention to undergo a “sex change.” Then he proceeded to sexually terrorize women and girls and rape a girl. (Credit: Durham Police)

Spennymoor, Durham, UK – Dean Sawley, aged 30, is a convicted and registered sex offender, and a man who identifies as a woman.

Mr. Sawley’s girlfriend ended their relationship after he notified her that he had begun wearing feminine clothes and intended to begin “sex change” procedures.

Three months after the breakup, Mr. Sawley attended a party, at which he made lewd comments to female guests, exposed his genitalia to a 15-year-old girl and a 23-year-old woman, and then sexually molested a girl as she lay sleeping on a couch.

After molesting the girl, the balding man brought her away from the crowd and into the kitchen, where he requested sex.

When the girl refused, Mr. Sawley proceeded to rape her. His victim reminded him, “I’m a child; you’re an adult” – but Mr. Sawley warned her to keep the incident of rape confidential.

The next morning, the victim told a friend about the rape, which ultimately led to a call to police and Mr. Sawley’s arrest.

Mr. Sawley confessed to the sex crime, and was sentenced to nine years in prison and life on the sex offenders registry.

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Nine years’ jail for cross-dressing rapist

The Northern Echo
A BALDING cross-dresser who wanted a sex change and lived a string of sexually adventurous identities has been jailed for raping a vulnerable girl at a party. Bearded Dean Sawley had been dumped five months before the rape after telling his girlfriend he wanted a sex change and he had started wearing women’s clothes, Durham Crown Court heard.


  1. But, but, but, this will never happen, they are women just like me. Or he isn’t really trans and supposedly girls and women are supposed to be able to read the minds of perverts to determine that the trans, not trans person in their toilets and changing rooms is or isn’t a truly trans person who will never ever do such things to us and you know if a sexual assault happens well there are already laws on the books to deal with such crimes. So suck it up ladies the trans lobby is coming for you with a plethora of excuses of why all this should be dumped on us. Even though it has already been studied and proven that Co Ed and unisex facilities increases the assaults on girls and women. But, hey ladies suck it up. literally

  2. It’s obscene watching the faux liberals and woman hating lefties use this BS on women and girls. I hope women and girls start fighting back, in very real ways.
    It proves that centrists and people left of center have as little concern or respect for women as the conservatives.
    The chickens will come home to roost. There are going to be a lot of issues with this fake trans cult crap. I refuse to play along with this fantasy insanity. We can’t misgender them but they can rape or kill us? Real nice.

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