Trans-Identified Man Poses as Woman to Lure Man, Blackmails and Kills Victim: Alhan Khan

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    Alhan Khan
    Alhan Khan, blackmailer and killer

    Karachi, Sindh – Alhan Khan, a young man who identifies as transgender, posed as a young woman on Facebook and WhatsApp in order to lure a 24-year-old man named Rashid Baloch. Rashid, entranced by Alhan’s videos, met him offline.

    Alhan and an accomplice – who, like Alhan, is a man who self-identifies as a woman – together blackmailed Rashid with video recordings of the illicit encounters. Rashid paid the blackmailers regularly, but ultimately refused to continue submitting to the extortion. The two vicious extortionists tied the young man up with rope, beat him to death, and then stuffed his body in a suitcase, which they dumped in a park. When caught, the two men confessed to police.

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