Trans-Identified Man Poses as Female Nanny in Order to Rape Children: Synthia (née Dennis L.) Koopman

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    WENATCHEE, Washington – 31-year-old Synthia Koopman (nee Dennis L. Koopman) self-identified as a woman and had begun gender-transition procedures when he took a job as a nanny at the household of a family with three small children. He molested and raped the 10-year-old and 14-year-old boys, and kidnapped the 10-year-old and went on the run from Wyoming to Colorado. The mother of the victims told law enforcement that she had had no idea Mr. Synthia was a man at the time she hired him to be her children’s nanny. Mr. Synthia requested to serve his 23-year sentence in a women’s prison, and authorities were having trouble deciding whether to house the child rapist in a men’s facility or grant his wishes and place him in a women’s facility.


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