Trans-Identified Man Coerces Lesbians to Perform Oral Sex on Penises in Public Speech

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    Oswaldo Cruz, São Paulo – Philosophy professor and militant transgender rights activist Luiza Coppieters speaks at the 16th annual Walk of Lesbian and Bisexual Women of São Paulo, Brazil. His first sentence: “Some women have a vagina of a different shape, and we shall suck it too.”

    Luiza further declared in his speech at the Walk of Lesbian and Bisexual Women:

    This walk is a safe place for trans women. This is where we come; this is where we are respected. This is where we will expand our space to conquer rights. (…) This is where it happens, in fact, a revolution!

    Luiza, age 39, was born a man, but declared himself a woman at age 32. He is attracted to women; thus he refers to himself as a “lesbian trans woman.” With synthetic hormones and laser surgery for body hair removal, Luiza transitioned to a feminine appearance, though he kept his penis intact.

    The official page of the Walk of Lesbian and Bisexual Women states:

    This year, the Walk of Lesbian and Bisexual Women of São Paulo completes 15 years of existence. In all of them, lesbian women and bisexuals have occupied the streets of the capital of São Paulo to resist and fight against any type of oppression.

    By 2018, the goal would be no different. With the axis “Somos Marielle: against the criminalization of poverty, genocide and military intervention,” the 16th Walk of Lesbian and Bisexual Women of São Paulo will gather thousands of women on June 2 at 2:00 pm in an act that will move the Paulista Avenue to once again put the voices and struggles of lesbian and bisexual women against any kind of social injustice, violence and oppression.

    Luiza began to identify as transgender due to his struggles with fitting into the “male universe,” and because his attraction to women was different than other men’s: he desired to be the women he fell in love with. The over 6′ tall Luiza became what he called an “ogre man” in an attempt to overcompensate for his hardship in conforming to traditional masculinity – wearing a thick beard, speaking deeply, and practicing judo and rowing – before giving up and deciding he was meant to be a woman.

    Luiza describes himself as a feminist. He is considered to be white by Brazilian perception of race. He is a left-wing politician of the party PSOL 50, and travels Brazil “giving lectures on gender identity in schools, universities and companies,” according to Veja.

    Luiza, who was born male, has publicly declared that penises can just be “vaginas of a different shape,” and lesbians should suck them. (Credit: Ricardo Matsukawa/VEJA)


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      Disgusting. Totally gross. A predator, grooming.womyn to his.abuse.. A blatantly,.using.the Lesbian and Bisexual Walk to tell womyn to be hetero and give.him.oral sex. Why.can’t.people see.through.these men’s lies.and.pathetically transparent manipulations?


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