Trans-identified Man Brutalizes Woman who Questions His Presence in Women’s Restroom: Patrick Hagan

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    New Port Richey, Florida – Patrick Hagan, a 6-foot-3, 280-pound man who identifies as a woman and was planning to have gender-affirming surgery, was using the women’s restroom at a bar when 40-year-old Cheryl Partsch questioned his presence in the restroom. Offended by the woman’s query, the large brute pummeled her with his fist in response.

    Patrick Hagan
    Patrick Hagan violently attacked a woman who asked him a question.

    Patrick Hagan in court (SP Times: Joseph Garnett Jr.)

    Cheryl lost five teeth due to the vicious punch, and it was estimated that it would cost her as much as $60,000 in dental bills. During Patrick’s trial, the defense argued that the batterer should not be imprisoned, as prison would be an especially dangerous environment for a man of feminized appearance like Patrick. Patrick, already on probation for a felony conviction for illegal dumping, was ultimately sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for assaulting Cheryl. Patrick is a martial arts expert and a former septic-truck driver.

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    Patrick Hagan
    Cross-dressing man sentenced for battery

    St. Petersburg Times
    Patrick Hagan shuffled off to serve his 21/2-year state prison sentence wearing a black-and-pink print dress and a matching pink blouse. But before he held out his wrists to accept a bailiff’s handcuffs, the 6-foot-3, 280-pound Hagan asked for a moment to remove his jewelry. Off came the earrings and the rings. Hagan struggled with his gold necklace, and a bailiff daintily helped him undo the clasp.


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