Kate Lynn Blatt
It took three men to restrain Kate Lynn Blatt, who beat up two firefighters. (Courtesy: Republican Herald)

Pottsville, Pennsylvania, US – Kate Lynn Blatt, who was born male and self-identifies as a woman, beat up two firefighters after they put out a fire on his property on December 23, 2017.

When firefighters informed Mr. Blatt that the fire had started in his garage, and the fire-battered garage would need to be boarded up for safety, Mr. Blatt became irate and began screaming that the cause of the fire was arson.

Efforts by firefighters to calm Mr. Blatt failed. The enraged man threatened to “knock out” the assistant fire chief.

Mr. Blatt proceeded to punch a firefighter, thereby causing a bruise and drawing blood. Firefighters moved to restrain Mr. Blatt, but the angry man managed to punch another firefighter, inflicting injury.

It took three of the men to finally restrain Mr. Blatt.

The events were caught by a patrolling officer on his body camera, and Mr. Blatt was arrested on assault charges.

A homeless man was arrested on suspicion of arson.

In 2016, Kate Lynn Blatt won the right to file a landmark civil rights lawsuit against Cabela, Inc. for anti-transgender bias. Mr. Blatt’s lawsuit accused the company of refusing to permit him to use the women’s restroom while he was an employee. The lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed sum.


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Woman who allegedly assaulted firefighters has charges held for court

Republican Herald
A Pottsville woman who allegedly assaulted Pottsville firefighters at the scene of an incident on Dec. 23, 2017, had charges against her held for court during a preliminary hearing Monday afternoon. Kate Lynn Blatt, 36, of 343 Nichols St., appeared before Magisterial District Judge James K. Reiley, Pottsville, on charges of two felony counts of aggravated assault, three misdemeanor counts of simple assault and one misdemeanor count each of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct filed by Pottsville police Patrolman Paul Olson.

Woman swings at firefighters, leaves 2 with injuries

WFMZ-TV 69 News
Just days before Christmas, police were called to the location of an extinguished fire to find several firefighters wrestling with the owner of the property. Officials say the owner, Kate Lynn Blatt, 36, appeared on scene just as the fire was controlled and got into a verbal argument with the firefighters.

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