PSU Freethinkers Panel
Portland State University Freethinkers February 17, 2018 panel discussion

Portland, Oregon, US – The Freethinkers of Portland State University held, on February 17, 2018, a panel on the biological differences between men and women. The Freethinkers is a student-run science advocacy organization.

Triggered to hear from the mouth of a biologist on the panel that the science of biology contradicts their faith in gender identity ideology, transgender rights activists stormed out of the assembly hall, damaged sound equipment, and screamed expletives and propaganda slogans.

Gender identity theory holds that there are no biological differences between the sexes, and people can choose their sex simply by internal decision.

“Are men taller than women on average? Does anyone take offense at that fact?” biologist Heather E. Heying inquired. One audience member protested. “There are differences between men and women. This is a strange position to be in, to be arguing for something that is so universally and widely accepted within biology,” the biologist mused. “Men and women are different on height. They’re different on muscle mass. They’re different on where fat is deposited on our bodies.”

Trans rights activists storm out when biologist begins to discuss the science of the differences between men and women.

As the biologist finished speaking those words, the sound of a loud crash echoed through the hall. Audience members turned to observe as a pack of transgender rights activists rose from their seats, shouted and moved in a stampede toward the exit.

A man called for security after a female transgender rights activist deliberately damaged the sound equipment on her way out. A police officer took hold of the young woman and physically escorted her to the hallway.

“Even the women in there have been brainwashed!” the female activist screamed angrily.

Police Escort Trans Activist From Assembly
Police escorts trans rights activist out to the hallway after she deliberately sabotages the sound system.

A young male transgender rights activists commented, “We should not listen to fascism. It should not be tolerated in civil society. Nazis are not welcome in civil society.”

As the police gathered in the hallway, the student who had destroyed the sound system yelled, “F*** the police! Power to the people!” as she left the building.

Female trans activist screamed expletives and slogans as she walked out of the facility
A trans activist screamed expletives and slogans as she walked out of the building.

What an embarrassing display of close-mindedness, limited intellect and violent barbarism at a university, which is historically a place for research, open debate and discussion, and critical thinking.

While I, the author, do not agree with all personal opinions voiced by panelists in the discussion, it is a scientific fact that men and women differ in anatomy, biology, chromosomes, physiological processes, skeletal structure, and potential reproductive roles. It is unfortunate that university students need a scientist to explain to them in simplistic terms what most humans around the world observe and intuitively sense from early childhood.

It is ironic that transgender rights activists – the side who threw a tantrum, disruptively stormed out of a university lecture hall, screamed to drown out discussion, violently destroyed sound equipment, and repeated mantras and propaganda in lieu of presenting facts and logical arguments while engaging in open discussion – is also the side claiming that others don’t belong in civil society, that others are Nazis and fascists.

Green-Haired Male Transactivists Looks On
A green-haired male trans activist observes, with open-mouthed awe, his friend’s confrontation with police.

Like fascism, trans rights activism is a domineering, all-consuming movement that refuses to take into account the human rights, needs, wishes and concerns of others, and attempts to assert dictatorial control over the thoughts, feelings and beliefs others should be allowed to have, express and listen to. Like fascists, trans activists employ street and state violence in service of their aims, punching out women who express dissent, or having dissenters criminally prosecuted.

Nazis held rigid beliefs about gender roles, even persecuting and killing homosexual men. Under Josef Mengele, Nazis made some of the first attempts at “sex change” surgeries.

Similar to Nazis, gender identity ideologues “fix” those who don’t or won’t fall into line with social dictates of their sex, putting such individuals on a cocktail of medications and subjecting them to surgeries that have not only been proven ineffective in treating gender dysphoria, but have been found to increase suicidality and mortality rates, as well as psychiatric problems. Puberty blockers given to children with the goal of facilitating later “sex change” have the effect of sterilizing these children so that they will never be able to reproduce children of their own.

Thus, by raising the risk of death and sterilizing those who don’t conform to socially defined roles of their sex class, gender identity ideologues are killing this sub-population as effectively as Nazis once did.

The drama over, the panel resumed. The male host announced:

Let me be crystal clear: people do not have the right to tell you what you can and cannot listen to. Fringe elements of society do not have the right to hold you hostage to discourse.

This is a university. If we cannot have this conversation here, we can’t have it anywhere. We have to be able to talk about it. No issues will solve themselves.

That sort of behavior is unacceptable in civilized societies. And if that person is a student, they should be given a warning, and if they do it again, they should be expelled from the university.

The thunderous applause of the remaining audience members rang through the lecture hall.

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