CA – A group of Canadians have issued an open letter to Niki Ashton, the New Democratic Member of Parliament for the federal electoral district of Churchill—Keewatinook Aski in Manitoba, Canada.

They express dismay over Ashton’s public support for Morgane Oger to become the New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate for Vancouver-Centre in Canada’s upcoming federal election. Of note, Oger supported Ashton in 2017 in Ashton’s bid to become the leader of the NDP.

Niki Ashton Endorses Morgane Oger
Niki Ashton Endorses Morgane Oger

The open letter outlines the various ways Oger has “engaged in a continuous and public attack on women’s rights, on women’s organizations, on public institutions that facilitate public discussion of women’s rights and on individual women identified as feminist journalists, public speakers and advocates”.

In closing, the signatories ask Ashton to “stand up for women’s political rights and support women’s right to safety and security in our daily lives as we organize towards our liberation”.

The authors also note that “many more women wanted to sign this letter but were legitimately and justifiably concerned about retaliation in their workplaces and in public after witnessing women lose their jobs, receive workplace discipline and become targets of harassment, stalking and threats of doxxing on social media – and worse.”

The letter can be found here: Open Letter to Niki Ashton

Those wishing to sign the letter are asked to contact us so that we can pass along the requisite instructions.

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