Car Damaged in Hyperabad
A pack of men, half of whom identify as transgender women, are accused of damaging a vehicle during a violent rampage. (Credit: The New Indian Express)

Hyderabad, Telangana, IN – Six men – three of whom identify as “transgender” women – are accused of viciously assaulting and robbing two elderly individuals before injuring police and damaging property during a rampage at a police station.

As R Pradeep Reddy left home and walked towards his parked car with Ramchandra Reddy, two biologically male transgender persons on a scooter descended upon the elderly duo and demanded money, reports say.

The two suspects allegedly began to strip off their own clothes.

An argument then ensued, and the two suspects allegedly began hurling stones at the R Pradeep Reddy and Ramchandra Reddy.

D Ramreddy, one of Ramchandra’s Reddy’s relatives, attempted to intervene, and the suspects violently turned on him, according to complaints.

As the elderly pair dialed police, four other male assailants allegedly joined in the attack.

The group of men robbed the duo of several items, including a cell phone, a gold chain and two wallets, the complaint shows.

The six suspects were apprehended by Uppal Police on robbery and assault charges.

Law enforcement sources say that while the pack of six men were in custody, they rioted at the police station, harming officers and damaging property.


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The New Indian Express
HYDERABAD: Three persons of the transgender community and three of their male acquaintances who were apprehended by the Uppal Police for allegedly assaulting and robbing two elderly persons went on a rampage at the police station, assaulting personnel and damaging property.

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