Witnesses say three "transvestites" murdered a woman in Guerrero.
Witnesses say three “transvestites” murdered a woman in Guerrero. (Credit: MrElDiablo8 / Twitter)

Guerrero, Cuauhtémoc, MX – Three men mercilessly stabbed and beat a woman to her death in broad daylight, witnesses say.

At around 6:00 in the morning on Friday, May 31st in the Guerrero neighborhood of CDMX, three men wearing dresses and makeup became engaged in a “strong argument” with a young woman. The men are identified as having involvement in the prostitution industry.

According to witnesses, the conflict came to a head when one of the men pulled out a weapon and began slashing and stabbing the woman. His two male friends joined in, beating the woman, observers later reported.

After several minutes of nonstop brutality, the woman was left unconscious on the pavement. A wound to her abdomen led to a hemorrhage.

Bystanders solicited an ambulance, but resuscitation efforts by Red Cross paramedics were unsuccessful, and the young woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

Loved ones of the deceased gathered at the scene, and a man, her partner in life, kissed her lips goodbye before her body was removed by paramedics.

One of the alleged perpetrators, whom witnesses say was wearing a black dress and sports shoes at the time of the attack, was later captured and detained by authorities.

Alejandra Nicol Santes has been charged with killing a woman
Alejandra Nicol Santes (l.) has been charged with killing a woman with a sharp weapon (bottom right). (Credit: c4jiminez / Twitter)

Alejandra Nicol Santes, aged 24, has been charged with intentional homicide. The case against him will be handled by a Public Ministry specialized in LGBBTTTI community matters.

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