Abused womanWell done.

You got a trans woman to be considered enough of a woman to be put in the woman’s prison. You put a rapist into a woman’s prison, and you made that OK. You let women get harassed by rapist until. You made that ok. Because the validation of the trans person mattered more.

Well done.

You kicked two women out of a women’s shelter. Because they were concerned that an intact (penis and balls) male would be in their safe space. Because the trans person’s feelings mattered more.

Well done.

You’ve made it cool to threaten women with violence. As long as you call her a TERF, it’s OK. She deserves it. Transphobic bitch deserves to be beat, right? Women getting punched at protests is fine, since they were TERFs.

Well done.

You bully people who do not want sex with you. Label them transphobic. Because your validation matters more.

You’ve created new laws that allow any male to enter the sex-segregated spaces of the female. As long as that male states, “I am woman,” he is believed and allowed in. So now female spaces, created for safety, are all-access passes. Because trans people matter more.

Well done.

You threaten places to use “inclusive language,” and bullied those who still said female genital mutilation, pregnant woman, and dared speak about vaginas.

You’ve convinced the world that speaking about female anatomy is not inclusive, is bigoted.

Well done.

You’ve convinced the world that trans women have more right to speak about women’s rights, participate in women’s sports, hold women’s spaces in politics, than women.

You’ve convinced the world that males are women. And you sacrificed women in the process.

Because you suffer from a narcissistic, egotistical, misogynistic view that you matter more. That you deserve more.

You did not fight for trans’ spaces. You fought for women’s. And you steamrolled over women in the process.

You did not say, I am trans and that’s ok, now let’s fight against male violence together. You demanded we call you women, demanded we allow you in womanhood, and you threatened those who disagreed.

You demand the world fall at your feet instead. You demand the world worship your needs above all others. Especially above women.

When we ask what is woman, you say, “a feeling.” When woman is meant to mean adult human female.

You call vaginas “front holes,” and surgically-altered and inverted penises “vaginas.” Because you need to be more woman than woman, despite the fact that you cannot ever be woman, by woman’s own definition.

But the funny thing is, your ego will be your downfall.

I was prepared to fight for your right to trans’ spaces. I was prepared to support you when you bitched about having less dating options. Prepared to call you “she” if it made you feel better. Prepared to fight for your right to healthcare, and respect. Prepared to fight against gender and male violence with you. I was prepared to be your ally. Many women felt the same. Many TERFs started as allies.

But then you said no. I don’t want trans’ spaces, I want yours. I want your vagina, your female spaces, I want you to stop using your words, I want you to stop talking about your body, I want to destroy you in your sports, take your places in public offices, schools, and organizations. I WANT YOUR WOMANHOOD. And you expected me to comply. To hand it over. And you’ve convinced many to do just that.

But women talk in the shadows about the truth. You cannot ever change sex. You can mimic the stereotypes of women, you can mimic our bodies – though considering the uterus, ovum, cervix, clit, pelvic floor, it’s a fairly poor mimic. You can “feminize” your face – though, as an androgynous female, that’s a bit offensive – take voice lessons, and walking lessons, but you can never live the experience of being born female. You can never turn a male into a female, so in truth, sex change is a misnomer. You can never experience being born woman.

And that should have been OK with you. There is nothing wrong with admitting you are not the opposite sex. There is nothing wrong with having dysphoria and admitting that you are trans. There is nothing wrong with not fitting in with your natal sex. You can be something unique. And indeed if you look at the hundreds of ways trans people express their trans-ness, every trans person is unique. But all trans people are trans. But you decided that wasn’t enough to fight for. It wasn’t enough to fight for your own unique being. At least, it wasn’t enough for the male trans activists who became the loudest, most volatile part of the movement. Instead, you feel you must police the rest of the world into validating your dysphoria. But listen:

We don’t tell anorexics that their body dysmorphia is right and that they are fat.

We did not turn every restroom stall in the world into a disabled access stall.

We don’t force people to fuck incels.

We didn’t ban peanuts from existence when many people became deathly allergic.

We did not allow Rachel Dolezal to claim trans-racial.

And we shouldn’t be forced to sacrifice the needs and issues and concerns and spaces of 50% of the population for your minuscule, undefinable group.

Most people who don’t fit in the norms find ways to cope, they create support groups for themselves, spaces for themselves. Because most people get that life is not going to be fair for everyone, cater to everyone’s needs. The more you fight to destroy women’s right to woman, the more enemies you create.

You’ve managed to piss off lesbians and straight men for telling them its transphobic to not want your “lady dick.”

You’ve managed to piss off women by trying to claim womanhood and destroy our earned fought-for spaces and condemn our need for safety as hate.

You’ve pissed off parents by trying to convince them their nonconforming child is trans and should have medicalized puberty-blocking that can leave children underdeveloped and sterile. Bye bye grandkids, and even future sex lives sometimes.

You’ve turned your own allies against you by becoming hostile at mere questions.

You’ve united women of color, white women, men, conservatives, liberals, moderates, lesbians, gay men, even de-transitioned trans people against you.

So well done.

P.S. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Olivia Broustra, Guest Author

PolelifeandPussy @ Medium

PolelifeandPussy @ Medium

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  1. I used to be an ally.

    This is a befitting article to read today, considering a transexual named “Francesca Rose” from the UK just spent hours threatening to kill, rape and have me fired for daring to say men cant really become women.

    I’m a “terf” and deserve to “to be raped to death with no leniency” because I said females are born with ovaries.

    • The more a woman stands up to these laughable attempts at womanhood, the more aggressive they become. It’s actually great that they do this. When they show their violence, they show they’re 100% male, which of course, we already know that’s what they are. I pity the hideously stupid women who go along with this garbage, because ultimately, they’re going to be slaves to these men, while the rest of us will keep our distance and teach our daughters to do the same. I will NEVER call a man a woman. They’re male from cradle to grave and that’s got to hurt. It doesn’t matter how much women bow and scrape to these narcissists, it will never be enough, because they can never be us.So, keep your chin up and know these shallow violent threats are from men who can’t get away from being a man.

      • Yes, what we will see is a very masculine reaction, violently male reaction. The mask drops when they hear the word no. No is a red flag.

  2. I love this article – the way its written and the facts and sentiments it expresses – But there are some typos that detract a little – If you pm me I’ll happily talk you through them x x x

  3. Really like this article. However it was somewhat ruined for me by a number of missed out words and little mistakes starting in the first paragraph “You let women get harassed by rapist until.” Its missing the word ‘a’ before rapist and it isnt a complete sentence – you cant end a sentence on ‘until’.

    And “You’ve convinced the world that speaking about female anatomy is not inclusive, is bigoted.” should read, “it’s bigoted” at the end. There may have been a few more. It basically needs proofreading otherwise comes across as a bit sloppy. Love the peanut allergy analogy – its a really good way of showing that we do not as a whole centre the minority at the expense of the majority.

  4. In reply to the multiple critiques on grammar, this website reproduced – with permission – the author’s work from its original source on Medium.com. Medium had condemned this work as hate speech and deleted it. The author’s poetic rhythm and informal style were respected by Women Are Human’s editing process. This includes leaving unique phrasing, sentence structure and wording as intact as possible to keep it true to the author’s prose. Thank you for reading.

  5. Bravo! Women have struggled for so long to accept their bodies and acknowledge their vaginas. This is not our first rodeo with penis bearers trying to define us. If you feel like a woman, act like one. Stand up for women’s rights and struggles, honour our beautiful lifegiving bodies and show some RESPECT for that which you say you are.

  6. Hello, trans person here. I understand a lot of the concerns in this piece of writing. I personally identify as transgender, not as a woman. I would always prefer a trans/gender neutral space but unfortunately most public restrooms are currently either marked as male or female. I also understand how our certain people in our “community” can really rub folks the wrong way. What I dont totally understand is why this tiny population(about 1-2%) has so much attention. If 1 in a hundred trans people are taking positions and jobs from women who rightly deserve them, i would imagine that the 50 women in that same group of a hundred either didn’t want the job or else that trans person is impassioned to make a difference… fact remains, as a trans person I am far less likely to be hired by the far majority of employers simply based on my status.
    Dialog is important and hearing some of the points made in the above writing has certainly been eye-opening for me.

    • The fact is that it does not matter whether there is one trans person in existence or one million. It is the gender identity movement that is promoted by gender identity activists that is the threat to women’s rights.

      The gender identity movement allows any man to claim he internally identifies as any sex he wishes, and that identification is allowed to change from moment to moment or day to day. For example, this man, Pip Bunce, wears a dress and makeup on some days of the week and a standard suit and tie on the others. He was named by Credit Suisse as one of the Top 100 Female Executives. There has never been a time that people of Pip Bunce’s color and sex have ever been restricted from positions as bankers in western society.

      The concentration of power and money will be the same as always, but now the same individuals can just say they have a lady brain, or that they feel like a lady on Wednesdays and Fridays. It rolls back all the rights of women. Just imagine what will happen once trans-racialism takes hold, as well.

      It’s typical gaslighting by MRAs to claim that women aren’t in the highest paying professions because women don’t want to be in those professions. TRAs (Trans Rights Activists) often sound identical to MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists). It’s the same misogyny, but now dressed up in a skirt and lipstick. But ok.

  7. As a Post-op (4 years) Transwoman I thought this is a good piece, despite the fact that some of it hurts. I have been cautious of trans activists as I knew all along it would cause a backlash, sadly also against those of us who just want to live out our lives ‘as a woman’. To be quite clear I think it is fair that we should be protected in law and, post operatively, afforded some of the rights that natural born women have fought hard for. I KNOW that I am not a real woman and have no illusion of the fact. I do not have female DNA and still basically have the body of a male (tall, wide shoulders) BUT, of course I like to be referred to in the feminine and to be treated with the same respect as any female would. I quite agree that women should have their safe spaces because, let’s face it, as has been proved, an ‘intact’ male in a dress can be a threat. I have a wonderful bunch of female friends and feel incredibly happy when they involve me. I can’t really foresee tbat a situation should exist where a trans woman should genuinely end up, let alone be placed, in a women’s refuge. With regards to prison, as hard as it may be for the pre-op, I think it right that only Post-ops should be incarcerated in an all female prison. With respect to the use of public facilities I absolutely believe a Post op Trans woman should be entitled to use Ladies toilets. However, I do see it could be disconcerting having pre-op (ie men) visiting these. I have to say that during my RLE I avoided public loos like the plague but did carry with me an official letter from the Gender Clinic IN CASE there was ever an issue, which there wasn’t. My simple solution to the toilet controversy is to legally allow pre-op trans people to use ‘Disabled’ toilets. To this day I still feel ‘lost’ between the genders but I am also very lucky to now physically feel comfortable with my body, living my life as I wish I could have done since birth, having a group of intelligent friends who just treat me, with kindness, as ME, and two amazing sons who do the same. As the author of this piece says, we all have our little groups in humanity and we should be grateful for what we’ve got. I know I am.

    • I agree with most of what you said, but not the part about post-op trans in women’s prisons. That experiment has been tried, with incarcerated serial rapist Richard Marsbruch, who castrated himself in prison and then received gender surgery. He simply used objects to rape the female inmates. There will have to be a solution that respects women’s human rights and safety.

      • I completely understand where you are coming from with this example. The fault of this is with the law obviously. I still maintain that a Post op Trans should be entitled to serve a sentence in prison appropriate to their acquired gender, as a rule. HOWEVER, there are exceptional circumstances where this should definitely not be the case and ‘common sense’ should prevail, particularly with regard to an offender who has committed any sort of crime against women. The case you mention being one of them. Who, for God’s sake, in their right mind would put a convicted rapist in a female prison? Unbelievable!

        • Men who wish to be women demand the existence of women around themselves in order to be able to compare themselves to and feel like one of us. We exist as tools in their environment. We are tools of validation.

          Women and girls have the need for privacy to deal with aspects of our biology (for example, menstruation, which we need special bins for in restrooms, as they are considered hazardous waste that needs to be dealt with under strict conditions imposed by governmental health agencies). Lack of money to afford sanitary conditions for disposing of female hygiene products is used as a justification for keeping girls out of school in developing nations, and was even used in the US last year to justify forcing an adolescent girl who menstruated earlier than classmates to stay home at that time of month. Women and girls require safety from voyeurism and sexual attacks, which we are the primary victims of. These are natural human rights, which women and girls are entitled to, and that no just government may make laws usurping.

          Governments do not have just authority to override women’s health and safety needs, and especially not in order to use our presence as passive tools that fulfill someone else’s desire for validation. This is a gross violation of our rights, and abuse of government power.

    • No, you and other post-op trans identified men should not be allowed to use the women’s bathroom. What’s to say a post-op isn’t a rapist, a peeping tom, and now he has papers and can get into women’s bathroom? No. This is a slippery slope situation that has gotten us to the situation we are in now. You are a man. You do not deserve rights and spaces FEMALES have fought hard for. Your hurt feelings are not more important than females as a class. And if you fear for your safety in the men’s room, take it up with men. Demand they get over their homophobia and allow feminized men into their spaces -because that is what you are, and homophobia is what male violence against trans identified men is all about. Your issues are not women’s burdens.

      • I agree. He tried to appear reasonable, but is another manipulative, self-interested wolf in sheep’s clothing. His follow-up comment – in which he called us “TERFs,” switched the conversation to weeping about Trump banning trans-identified people from the military, and accused of us probably “being glad” about their military ban – was not approved, as it violated the Comment Policy.

        Any time we try to speak with them about the human rights of women and girls, they have no responses except to abuse and deflect by turning the conversation to themselves. Always me, me, me.

        Fighting in the military is not a human right, but being able to go about our daily business and enter restrooms, locker rooms and public showers – and if necessary, homeless shelters or rape crisis centers – without being subjected to voyeurism, sexual harassment, exhibitionism or rape certainly is a basic right. Women and girls also fought for the right to be able to play sports, and should be able to do so without having our limbs broken because we were forced to compete against men who want to feel like women.

      • I disagree with sending post op male to female trans people into the men’s facilities. Doing so will also bring post op female to males into the women’s facilities.

        Trans and other gender non-conforming need to do the same thing women and later the disabled have done. Fight for their own spaces. There are so many places already that have a family style unisex restroom in addition to the men’s and women’s.

        Building codes determine the size and number of restrooms a building or other place has to have. Very small businesses may have one single user restroom with a locking door that might or might not be open to the public.

        A little bigger place will have a men’s nd a women’s, usually single user with a locking door and you have to go ask for a key.

        A larger place yet will have the multi-user sex segregated men’s and women’s. This is where the building code needs to be updated to add a third single user family style unisex restroom.

        Building codes were changed to accommodate women. Building codes were changed to accommodate the disabled. Building codes can be made to accommodate transgender.

        The problem is that so many of them refuse to use a unisex family style restroom that is sitting right there next to the men’s and the women’s. Common sense laws are needed to require accommodation and also to require proper use.

  8. Thanks for remembering us conservatives! I’m super-conservative (e.g. I made friends with people from far left to far right, and opposed some of the same things each group did, but could never accept what anyone proposed; so I fell off the end of the right wing, realized I’m a monarchist, and became Catholic) and I agree with almost everything on this site, even though there might be few other conservatives here.

    I realized how great it was to focus this article on ego when I got to the paragraph about people not wanting to date them. I remember being particularly sickened at their sense of ENTITLEMENT TO OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES AND BODIES when I first read about their attitude problem over dating. As if the rest of the world exists to serve their sexual delusions and perversions! Not only that, it would be prohibited of Catholics (and the Orthodox, who have the same Faith) anyway. According to the doctrine, the primary purpose of sexuality is producing children within the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, i.e. the union is sanctified for children to be brought up together by the parents who conceived them, in order to pass on to them, in holiness, the Faith and ritual inheritance (i.e. particular form of worship and religious way of life). Companionship and pleasure are benefits secondary to duty. (Even merely refusing to have children makes a marriage invalid.) There are more details in ‘Impotence and Sterility’, by Thomas J. O’Donnell, S.J. on the EWTN site. The next to last paragraph is about the so-called transsexuals. I suspect eventually they will declare themselves entitled to people already married and to our minor children. So the sense of entitlement is an attack on people’s religious beliefs and on society in general.

  9. YES AMEN 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼!! I am a 29 year old lesbian. As a teenager, I was physically and emotionally abused by my ultra-religious family who could not accept that I was a woman who loved other women. As an adult, I fell in with an extremely liberal “queer” crowd. I was so thrilled- at first. Until I started hearing the terms “TERF” and “girl-dick” used completely unironically. I was a VERY aggressive ally to the trans movement- at first. I really was. Until I was made to feel like a BIGOT for not wanting sex with pre-op transwomen. They’d say, how is a (girl) dick different than just a dildo? They repeat the same rhetoric as the homophobes without even realizing it!! These people would posture themselves as being so “woke” for being able to look beyond “the shell” that is the male human body to see the woman “inside” the man. I was simply unenlightened for not being able to see “her.” (This is repulsive when cis-women are still desperately waiting for people to look at us and see THE HUMAN BEING inside.) These liberals are the same people who understand the sham that is “color blindness” when we talk about race relationships. Yet they all brainwash themselves into complete genitalia blindness! Newsflash- genitals are important to sex! They are literally how we have sex! As a Christian teenager, I couldn’t make myself love dick to preserve my relationship with my own FAMILY and GOD HIMSELF. I sure as hell am not going to start liking dick because a bunch of tumblr kids called me a TERF! The intrinsically contradictory nature of the movement exposes it for the sham it is.


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