DNC Chair Tom Perez at the DNC Summer Meeting in Chicago
Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez listens to a speaker as he chairs an executive committee meeting at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Summer Meeting in Chicago, Illinois on U.S., August 23, 2018. (Courtesy: Reuters/Daniel Acker)

The trans agenda continues to sound the death knell for women’s rights.

Political seats that had been set aside for women on the United States Democratic National Committee in order to ensure parity in representation between the sexes may now be given to men, under a new charter passed by the DNC on August 23, 2018.

Under the new rule, any man who claims to view himself as a woman or says he does not identify with either sex is eligible to fill a woman’s seat.

Similarly, in the United Kingdom in 1997, that nation’s Labour Party introduced all-woman shortlists. This policy had the positive effect of doubling the number of political positions women held within in the party. However, in May 2018, the Labour Party updated its rules to permit men to hold seats that had previously been allotted to women. Lily (née Liam) Madigan, a heterosexual teen boy known for making rape and blow job jokes on Twitter, was selected to be the voice of women in the role of Women’s Officer for a Labor Party chapter. Women who questioned the fairness of permitting men or boys who claim to be women to fill women’s seats were successfully targeted by Mr. Madigan for removal from their political positions.

It was not so many decades ago in the US, UK, and most nations worldwide, that it was viewed as unsuitable and forbidden for women to enter politics. Women fought long and hard for these quotas to be put in place to ensure women would begin to have a voice in politics.

Now, the inevitable and expected has happened, and the transgender movement is being used to eradicate women from politics.

It has always been clear that the goal of the trans movement was to counter and reverse the gains of social justice movements.

It will not be long before you have 30 members of a corporate board or 300 political seats all filled with elite white men – and yet these would be considered “gender diverse” and “racially diverse,” as some of these individuals could claim to internally self-identify as women (transgenderism) or self-identify as, say, black or Asian (trans-racialism).

Yet, the same concentration of money and power and lack of diversity that self-described social progressives claim to be against, they would now hypocritically applaud as “progress.”

Conquerors can now conquer by merely putting on lipstick and high heels – the modern day opiate of the masses – or eventually just blackface or yellowface, rather than employing guns or bombs.


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DNC Abandons Rule Requiring Gender Parity on Committees to Accommodate Non-Binary Members

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Members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) voted on Saturday to modify its charter to define gender as being determined by self-identification and to include a classification for gender non-binary members.


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