North Pole, Alaska, US – On April 4, 2019, a girl was expelled from her high school for kneeing a boy in the groin after a group of boys entered the girls’ restroom.

Previously at North Pole High School, a female student who now identifies as a boy had used the boys’ washroom and taken a selfie. In response, some male students decided to identify as girls and take a selfie in the girls’ restroom. When the boys entered the restroom, a girl who was trying to exit kneed a boy in the groin.

Boys plot to protest the gender identity policies that enabled a female student to access the boys’ restroom and take a selfie.

The girl commented on Facebook that she was scared when the group came into the female bathroom, and with no way to leave, her reaction was to knee one of them.

The North Pole’s representative in the Alaska Legislature, Tammie Wilson, who had spoken to the girl’s family and to the superintendent of the school district, stated at a April 12 press conference that the girl had been expelled. Wilson criticized the school for sending the wrong message to girls, noting that if “girls feel threatened, they do what’s necessary to avoid injury”.

A local media outlet interviewed Wilson following the press conference, and reported that the girl had been suspended for using excessive force. The girl’s sister subsequently clarified via Twitter that she had been expelled (not suspended), for “kneeing a guy in the d-ck after he was blocking her in the WOMEN’S bathroom”.

Her sister posted a follow up tweet on April 24, indicating that the district “realized that it was completely wrong to expel her”, and she was returning to school; the sister thanked everyone for their support.

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Alaska lawmaker criticizes school district’s handling of bathroom incident

Daily News-Miner
A girl enrolled at North Pole High School was reportedly suspended for using excessive force on a boy last week after a group of boys entered the girl’s bathroom and blocked the door, according to Rep. Tammie Wilson, R-North Pole.

School district defends handling of restroom incident at North Pole High School

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The school district has been navigating issues around transgender students for years, from elementary school on up, and there hasn’t been any big problems around bathrooms until now, said Karen Gaborik, superintendent of the Fairbanks North Star Borough school district.

Teen reportedly expelled for kneeing boy who entered school bathroom to protest transgender rights

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A teen was reportedly expelled for kneeing a boy who barged into the girls’ bathroom at school to protest transgender rights.

Kicking A Boy Who Entered The Girls’ Bathroom To “Protest” Against A Trans Student

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A high school in North Pole, Alaska, expelled a girl who kicked a boy in the groin after he entered the girl’s bathroom.

High school student expelled for kneeing boy who was protesting transgender student’s bathroom use

A female student was reportedly expelled from her Alaska high school for kneeing a male classmate in the groin.


  1. Females have a right to protect ourselves when males enter the women’s room. I can’t imagine how terrifying it was for this young woman to have an entire group of males enter the girl’s bathroom, and worse, for one or more of them to BLOCK her. These boys, and the girl who entered the male restroom/locker room, should be banned from the school. What a terrifying trauma for the girl blocked in the girl’s restroom. She should be supported, not wounded and traumatized further, and her violation dismissed by this hateful school action and policy against her and other girls, and against boys who don’t want girls in their bathrooms/locker rooms. These policies need to be stopped, NOW.

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