Desmond is Amazing
Desmond Naples, who performs strip teases on stage as “Desmond is Amazing”

Brooklyn, New York, US – Parents of a “drag kid” have come under media fire and public scrutiny after a pedophile openly expressed his lust for the child, and it came to light that the child is allowed to associate with a convicted killer.

Known as “Desmond Is Amazing,” Desmond Napoles is a sensation among the LGBT community.

Recently appearing on Good Morning America, Desmond is what you’d call a mini-celebrity at only 12-years-old.

Desmond, who’s managed by his parents, puts on suggestive dance shows in nightclubs, such as the one he performed on December 11 at 3 Dollar Bill in New York City. Members of the audience were able to tip Desmond for the performance.

A Known Pedophile Approves of Desmond Napoles’s Nightclub Performances

Tom O’Carroll, a British pedophile and pro-pedophilia advocate, recently made sexual comments about the child.

O’Carroll, who has a criminal record for distributing child pornography, runs a blog on which he openly expresses his lust for Desmond.

“Desmond is truly amazing – and hot!” O’Carroll wrote in an approving headline.

Just check out this introductory video on YouTube. No wonder 11-year-old Desmond Napoles and other kids daringly diving into drag culture right now have provoked right-wing reactionaries into paroxysms of moral outrage. …

Let’s face it, when a pretty young boy tells the world he is gay and dances sensuously in front of grown men, wearing vampish dresses and makeup; when ‘she’ strips off items of clothing or goes on stage scantily clad right from the off; when dollar bills are accepted as ‘tips’ from an audience apparently wild with excitement; when all this is going on we are getting far more than just a celebration of gender diversity or an innocent display of precocious performance talent. …

And that’s great. It is wonderful that a rare niche has been found in the modern, developed world within which at least a few kids can truly be themselves, in ways that deny neither their gender feelings nor their sexuality. Being a drag queen, or a drag princess if you will, puts it right out there, in the open for all to see. It says, loud and proud, ‘I am a sexy kid, with sexy feelings. It’s totally cool for grown-ups to get turned on by me. I love it. That’s why I do this stuff. It’s great. It’s fun. It’s me!
Tom O’Carroll

Firestorm Unleashed

Desmond is Amazing featured in pride ad campaign by shoe brand Converse
Desmond is Amazing featured in pride ad campaign by shoe brand Converse

Desmond’s mother Wendy Napoles and Devin-Norielle, who is transgender, a writer and an advocate for transgender rights, both blame the “conservative media” for all the negative attention.

“Conservative media made misleading and fabricated news articles,” Devin-Norielle wrote in gay news magazine Out. “Articles that state that Desmond’s work as a drag performer is child abuse. And that his performances are sexual because he accepts tips after his performances.”

Napoles says she is outraged over the media attention, and O’Carroll’s expression of lust for her son and another child performer known as “Queen Lactatia,” who is best known for posing for a photo with a nude drag queen adult.

This is extremely disturbing. Convicted pedophile Tom O’Carroll has written a blog post stating that Desmond is hot & feels sexy performing. He also sexualizes fellow drag kid Queen Lactatia. We do not approve of his statements have written to @wordpressdotcom several times but they have yet to remove it. It is highly inappropriate to speak of minors in this manner.Wendy Napoles

Drag-Kid Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden, who performs as “Lactatia," poses here with a fully nude adult drag queen.
Desmond’s peer, drag queen kid Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden, poses with a fully nude adult drag queen. The stage name of Nemis is “Queen Lactatia.”

Wendy Napoles Allows Desmond to Associate With Convicted and Confessed Killer, Michael Alig

Desmond has appeared on Peeew!, the YouTube talk show of convicted killer Michael Alig, and credits Alig and the “Club Kids,” a group created and led by Alig, as his greatest influences through their “fashion and their make-up, not the bad things.”

Michael Alig
Michael Alig

The Club Kids was a flamboyant group who were celebrities among the ’80s and early ’90s nightclub crowd.

This young group was very well-known throughout New York City’s underground dance scene for wearing crazy costumes, having eccentric personalities and throwing mind-blowing parties.

Michael “Party Monster” Alig, a club promoter, was the group’s ringleader, and Robert “Freeze” Riggs and Andre “Angel” Melendez were part of the group.

Everything changed one night in 1996 when Alig and Riggs killed Melendez.

Michael Alig in drag with a fellow "Club Kid."
Michael Alig in drag with a fellow “Club Kid.”

When Alig bragged about the murder, the news spread very quickly. Alig and his crime soon became the hottest topic throughout Manhattan’s nightclubs such as Danceteria, Limelight, the Palladium and the Tunnel.

A month after Alig killed Melendez by bashing his head in, children playing at Staten Island’s Oakwood Beach discovered the box containing Melendez’s torso and head.

Eight months later, on November 2, 1996, a coroner was finally able to identify Melendez’s remains with the help of dental records.

With substantial evidence to prove that Alig and Riggs killed Andre Melendez, authorities arrested them on October 1, 1997. Alig and Riggs pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter, and were given 10 to 20 years in prison.

“What scares you most these days?” Wendy Napoles asked her son, Desmond, on camera.

“Being murdered,” the child replied with a nervous smile.

Public Outrage

Members of the public from all sides of the political spectrum are taking to social media to condemn the child’s parents for allowing him to perform sultry dances for adults and associate with a murderer.

“I am a gay man and I find this Weird and disturbing! No 11 year old kid has any business being in a gay bar with grown men throwing dollar bills at them gay or straight bar!” William Hammett wrote on YouTube.

“Just because [Michael Alig] got off easy doesn’t mean the facts of the case are any less gruesome. We live in a sick world where people would become fans of such an evil, disgusting person and think this guy is cute and should be hanging out with children. That mother should be investigated. How people can make excuses for this murderer and for this mom who is allowing her child to be put in adult situations is beyond me!” Jessica John commented.

Desmond’s mother says that over 150 complaints were filed with Brooklyn’s Administration for Children’s Services by members of the public after Desmond danced at 3 Dollar Bill.

Those wishing to make their voice heard should contact the below:

David A. Hansell, Commissioner of the Administration for Children’s Services

Bill de Blasio, Mayor
Phone: 311 (within NYC) or 212-NEW-YORK (outside NYC)

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