Colchester, Essex, UK – After delivering medication to a homebound cancer patient, a man with a sexual fetish for wearing fake breasts and women’s clothes began visiting the elderly woman regularly. His helpfulness inspired her trust. However, the friendliness became a six-week campaign of terror, marked with sexual overtures, sexual coercion, and violent attempts at rape.

Dennis Reed, a 69-year-old widowed army veteran with 25 years of service, was a prescription delivery driver when he worked his way into the life of a client, assisting the senior citizen with personal banking and finances. He got ahold of her key, and had a duplicate made without her knowledge. He used the key to enter her home each day at his whim.

It was then that the sexual terror began.

In one incident, the delivery man grabbed the woman’s wrists and remarked that she has “lovely t*ts.” Frightened and upset, she made him leave the home.

Another time, he masturbated in front of the woman and asked her to touch him. “Do as you are told,” he commanded when she refused. The woman was forced to comply on several occasions.

Revealing his cross-dressing fetish, he would come to the home dressed in prosthetic breasts and women’s clothes and express a desire to engage in “rampant sex” with her.

Eventually, he resorted to violence, which escalated.

He often forced his tongue into the woman’s mouth, sometimes slapping her across the face for resisting his advances.

He once dragged the vulnerable woman to the bedroom and attempted to remove her jumper.

Another time, he clutched her hair and used it to yank her face toward his groin. She resisted his attempts to force his genitals into her mouth. He retaliated by spanking her.

The victim reported the vicious abuse to the mobile hairdresser who attended to her in the home. The hairdresser phoned police after seeing bruises on the woman’s derrière, where the abuser had spanked her.

Dennis Reed initially accused the victim of lying, and then insisted they were in a consensual sexual relationship. After a psychiatric evaluation determined that he suffers from depressive disorder, he pleaded guilty to one count of attempted rape, three counts of sexual assault, and one count of common assault. He blamed the crimes on the mental disorder.

Judge David Turner rejected the claim that depressive disorder led the defendant to sexually terrorize the woman, but agreed that psychiatric treatment was a priority. He sentenced the defendant to life on the sex offender’s registry, and issued a Section 45a hospital order requiring Mr. Reed to remain in a psychiatric treatment facility until mental health experts deem him fit to be released into the community.

The victim suffers symptoms of PTSD.

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