Women Are Human

    Women are human beings. We believe the transgender movement dehumanizes women and girls. Women are not a concept or feeling that resides in a man’s brain, a costume, performance, a state of nirvana a man can achieve through pharmaceutical drugs or cosmetic surgery, or a dysphoria haunting a man’s brain.

    The human rights of women and girls on the one hand, and the rights of people born male who self-classify as transgender on the other, have been set up as a zero-sum game. Legal protection of women’s and girls’ human rights, including those fought for over decades, are sacrificed in favor of the rights of men who declare themselves women. Women are Human is dedicated to exploring the impact of the transgender movement on women and girls, in every aspect of our lives, from identity, safety, legal rights, health care, sexuality, participation in sports, careers and politics, and more.

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    Well done. You got a trans woman to be considered enough of a woman to be put in the woman’s prison. You put a rapist…

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