Andrew Burns aka Tiffany Scott
Andrew Burns, now known as Tiffany Scott, under heavy police escort due to his reputation as Scotland’s most violent prisoner. (Courtesy: Scottish Sun)

Alloa, Clackmannanshire, UK – Andrew Burns is a male transgender serial offender with a string of convictions for vandalism, assaults and resisting arrest. The 26-year-old has the reputation of being “one of Scotland’s most dangerous prisoners.”

Burns has changed his name to Tiffany Scott, but will not be taking cross-sex hormones or undergoing transition surgery. He has demanded that female prison guards conduct his strip searches.

According to a prison source, Scott is known for filing dozens of complaints against staff over “crazy whims.” At one point, Scott demanded that staff call him “Mighty Almighty” or “Obi Wan Kenobi.” He sometimes refers to himself as “Mitzababy.”

Prison officials have made no comment on Scott’s behavior, but command staff to comply with Scott’s demands. Female prison staffers performed one strip-search on Scott before refusing and staging a protest.

Scott smeared excrement all over his prison cell in January 2017. It required 11 security and prison officers to get Scott under control in April 2017 after he began spitting at nurses. In January 2018, Scott slashed his cellmate across the face with a razor during a fight over a mirror, creating a wound that needed 18 stitches, caused numbness and possible nerve damage, and left permanent scarring.

Scott’s other violent antics as an inmate include biting open his own veins and spraying the blood at people, ripping up “tear-proof clothing,” and screaming expletives at a judge who refused to address him with female pronouns.

When Scott goes to court, he’s put under heavy security escort and the courtroom is locked down because of the “clear danger” he presents.


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Female prison officers refuse to strip search transgender offender they insist is clearly a man

The Mirror
Female prison officers are refusing to strip-search a prisoner who claims he’s transgender. Andrew Burns, who has changed his name to Tiffany Scott, is demanding only female officers search him, the Daily Record reports. But three guards are defying orders to give him intimate body checks and have brought in their trade union to back them up.

Transgender prisoner branded one of Scotland’s most dangerous scalded in revenge for razor attack

Daily Record
A violent prisoner had boiling water thrown over her after she slashed another con. Transgender Tiffany Scott, previously Andrew Burns, needed treatment to serious injuries after the revenge attack at Edinburgh’s Saughton Prison. Minutes earlier the thug – one of Scotland’s most dangerous prisoners – had slashed a fellow convict with a razor blade during an argument over a mirror.

Transgender prisoner branded one of Scotland’s most dangerous scalded in revenge for razor attack

Scottish Sun
A TRANSGENDER prisoner branded a sheriff a ‘f***ing transphobe bastard’ and ‘c***’ as the judge refused to acknowledge her gender at sentencing. Falkirk Sheriff Court was put on lockdown yesterday for the sentencing of Tiffany Scott, formerly known as Andrew Burns, said to be one of the most dangerous and unpredictable prisoners in Scotland.

Violent prisoner who attacked jail warden and nurse has charges dropped because he’s ‘TOO DANGEROUS for court’

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A violent prisoner who attacked a jail warden and nurse has had charges against him dropped because he’s TOO DANGEROUS for court. Andrew Burns is thought to be such an extreme threat to the public the case against him had to be scrapped, according to leaked documents.

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