Hannah Mouncey at his VFLW debut for Darebin
Hannah Mouncey at his VFLW debut for Darebin. (Credit: Nicole Garmston)

Have you ever heard of the saying, a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Well, in this case, it’s man in woman’s clothing. And this man is called Hannah Mouncey.

Hannah Mouncey is a delusional man who thinks he’s a woman, but at 6′ 3, 250 lbs, he’s nowhere near being a woman. This giant hulk of a man would even be a force to reckon with in men’s sports. Yet, he was allowed to play in the women’s division of the Australian Football league.

Hannah gets entangled with a woman.
Hannah gets entangled with a woman. (Credit: Nicole Garmston)

Towering over the women in the football league, Hannah Mouncey said he would not take it easy on the women by not being afraid to hit them. And that he did. Hannah Mouncey broke a poor woman’s leg while being in a tangle with her.

Hannah Mouncey in Asian Handball Championship
Hannah Mouncey in Asian Handball Championship.

Now this overgrown guy is playing on the Australian women’s handball team. Watching the video, you can see that this tower of muscle is able to block the women from throwing the ball into the goal.

Is this what we want to represent women’s sports? What kind of message are we sending to young women everywhere?

Many young women are working very hard, putting in years of sacrifice to master their sport, only to be robbed of the opportunity to climb to the top of their sport because they have to compete against a giant man.

This sends a message to women that they aren’t going to be able to enjoy their sport to the max, and that they aren’t as important as the men who play the same sport. It’s like saying, you can only play if giant men don’t enter your division, and identify themselves as women.

Before we know it, there will be nothing but men dressed in skirts playing all types of sports in the women’s division. Women will be non-existent, and then what? Should we just tell women that they aren’t allowed to play sports? And if they do, should we tell them they will never be a champion?

This type of garbage is setting women’s rights back hundreds of years. Women fought very hard to be able to work in various industries. They fought to be able to vote just like their male counterparts. And they worked their butts off to be able to play sports under fair, competitive conditions.

Hannah Mouncey plays in Asian Handball Federation Championship 2018.
Hannah Mouncey plays in Asian Handball Federation Championship 2018.

How is this fair that we allow these giant, childish men to take these rights away? Before we know it, women will be back in the kitchens cooking meals for the family, serving everyone before they can sit down and eat, and not being allowed to speak unless spoken to.

I think it’s great that we have women’s divisions in different sports. It gives women a chance to work towards goals and feel a sense of accomplishment. Women can enjoy a sense a pride and feel like they aren’t inferior to the other sex.

Letting these men take all that away is the biggest crime we could ever allow. That’s unless you like seeing men dressed up in skirts playing women’s sports. If that’s the case, start a men dressed up as women division, and leave the women alone.

Hannah Mouncey in a dress
Hannah Mouncey in a dress. (Credit: 60 Minutes)

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For transgender football player Hannah Mouncey, her dream of playing Aussie Rules is over for now. The 28-year-old has withdrawn her nomination from the AFLW draft because she believes the sports administrators don’t know how to deal with her physicality.

Transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey nominates for AFLW draft

Brisbane Times
Transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey has nominated for the AFLW draft but just five days out teams still don’t know if they can pick her. The AFL is deliberating whether the 190-centimetre, 100-kilogram ruck is eligible to enter the second AFLW draft after it confirmed Mouncey’s nomination on Friday.


    • yeah.. this you just cant say that… this case might be obvious but… what if hes born hermaphrodite?… if now technologies allow a full functionning pregnancy system?… could be a what initial cromosomes/baby capacity/genitals/what feel like/other, 2 out of 3 kind of system…

      • But…but…what if the moon is made out of Swiss cheese?

        Yes, she can “just say that.” It is public knowledge that he was born male, but identifies as a woman (because being a woman is just an identity that men can opt into, can put on as easily as putting on a dress and painting their nails, according to this ideology).

        Gender identity activists enjoy throwing in the 0.01% of the population who have Disorders of Sexual Development – previously known as intersex – as an attempt to obfuscate. People with DSD have already said they don’t want to be used as a weapon and talking point in the gender identity movement. Gender identity activists are making life more difficult for these individuals.

      • False: there is and has never been technology that “allows a full functionning [sic] pregnancy system” in a male body. The only individuals who have ever been able to get pregnant or give birth were women. (Most people with DSD are sterile, as well.)

        Those who received uterus implants were women (and even then, it results in more miscarriages and deaths of newborns, as organ transfer is risky in and of itself, and mixing it with pregnancy is extremely dangerous). These women already had the internal reproductive biological systems to which to connect a uterus, as they are women.

        Men lack these internal connections, the ability to maintain the internal environment to sustain a pregnancy with the perfect balance of hormones that a body must produce during pregnancy, the natural transfer of hormones and communication between mother and embryo/fetus, the skeletal structure of circular and open pelvis and wider hips and shifting organs that give a fetus space to grow, and so on. A man would need to be carved out and rebuilt from scratch (which would only kill him) to have the biological and skeletal structure. Women are human beings, not neutered men, feminine men, or men who don’t fit in with other men. These attempts to colonize women are offensive and dehumanizing.

        Gender identity trolls should stick to their own blogs, like Pink News, and not attempt to colonize this space.

        • wow!.. what a text… i never said there was at the moment, i know there isnt, BUT you can be absolutely sure that this will happened and most likely pretty fast… and i am not a gender identity trolls, i am against this, this story is total non-sense…. boy/girl is 100% clear in 99,9% of the cases, im just saying that there will be gray zone and more and more in the future, this one is not one of them, this he/she/IT is surely a dude… hermaphrodite are at the moment though, its mostly up to them to decide.

          • LoL… wake up!… this is SURE that this will happend under 10 years, maybe 5… you should really take a look at what’s happening with technologies and thing at the moment, this wont even be a challenge… sorry but, if you cant see that, this conversation is over.

          • The conversation was already over. I explained to you in great detail from a scientific perspective why a man will never be able to get pregnant or give birth, and you were unable to refute my points. Gender identity trolls, stick to Pink News. Logic and facts reign on this website.

      • Well, he’s a dude, and chromosomes don’t lie.

        So just check DNA or do the exact same Testosterone test they do for real women to prevent hormone doping.

        If his bones and muscle developed through puberty with it, he’s disqualified from competing against actual women, period.

        If they want to invent a new league for dudes who cross dress or have other personality disorders, go for it.

  1. No one is talking about “hermaphrodites” except you, Yann. BTW, that’s an outmoded expression that many intersex people consider to be quite offensive.

    Thank you Diana, for your excellent work!

    • Exactly, he’s talking about the latest technologies and pretending to be cutting edge while using extremely outdated terminology, lol. Thanks, Melinda.

    • The retort Yann wrote to Melinda – filled with insults, vulgarities, capitalized words and exclamation points – was deleted in moderation. He’s triggered, but is not permitted to abuse commenters. He insists men will be able to become pregnant…because he says so. No proof, but “it’s true because I say so.” Gender role trolls are used to getting their way and silencing dissent by using tantrums, tears, repetition, deflection, abuse, threats of harming self or others, or actual violence. They need therapy and a safe space.

      • LOL… didnt insult nobody… strong words, capitalized words and exclamation points, absolutely and that really should be an issue AT ALL… Diana, your gender troll bullshit is beginning to not make any sense, as i already said 3 TIMES that i was against this kind of stuff, but i guess this is the only things u can come up with…. im not even in this kind of stuff, i only was redirected here listening to podcasts of Joe Rogan and cause this guy beating up girls is non-sense… that doesnt change any of the facts i stated previously…. peoples, we are going to mars in 2023, DNA- editing and cloning are already functional, they are putting fish DNA in your strawberry so that they live longer and growing spider web into goat milk, if we can make babies in freaking fish tank you can be sure that we will be able to do it into a guy…. im not saying this is good, im saying this WILL be doable soon… you can argue all you want, but this is a FACT and this as nothing to do with the bible or god or whatever… How old are you Diana? 40-50?… i can understand that this might be sci-fi in your head but you are deeply mistaken and you wont find any up to date scientist anywhere who will advance that this is even a complicated matter…. this is not…. anyway if you cant see it theres nothing i can do and i dont have the will to do so neither… you will have to wait a couple of years and be “ho shit!!!”

        • I’m in my child-bearing years, something neither you nor any man will ever experience. Just because a woman’s intelligence dwarfs your mediocre rantings, it does not mean she’s older. You’re out of line demanding anyone’s personal details.

          You lost, so you’ve shifted your argument. We were speaking of people who exist as males. I stated that a male person who exists cannot be converted into someone who can carry a pregnancy and birth. The attempt to rebuild his reproductive biology and skeletal structure would kill him. I made it simple for you, and didn’t even get into such factors as gdf3 mRNA, which allow pregnant woman to communicate with embryo/fetus. Most men don’t understand that a woman is more than a passive chamber that an unborn floats in until it pops out, so naturally, in your arrogance, or jealousy for the sex that births life, or desire to colonize, you assume we are easy to replicate.

          Whatever Frankensteinian lab experiments you’re on about scientists creating would not be men (if they have the skeletal structure, reproductive biology, physiology, etc. which develops at puberty from a particular set of sex chromosomes, they’re not males), is not transgenderism, is unrelated to Mouncey, to today’s sports, and thus is not on topic. Get on topic or go away.

          In your first comment days ago (which wasn’t approved), you seriously suggested the violent action of hiring someone to hurt the sports player. That, along with your off-topic flooding of the comment section and harassment of commenters, is why I believe you’re a gender identity troll here to wreak havoc. Pretending a source inspired you to violence puts that source in danger. No one here advocated or tolerates violence. We say that sex change is impossible, the average rate of crime is not lower and pattern of criminality not different between men who identify as a woman vs. other men, and that the movement puts in danger the human rights of women and girls as well as the medical health of all people.

          Gender identity trolls think everyone who doesn’t believe their nonsense is an older, white conservative or an older, white feminist. I’m a black woman, I work in tech, I’m not conservative (though not a liberal). I’m not impressed and have learned nothing from your poorly-spelled mansplanations. You’ve violated numerous rules, with violent threats and abusing commenters, and will no longer be entertained.

          • look lady… believe whatever you want i deeply dont care… i never said it was easy, i said it was going to be done, and its a fact… if you really are in tech, you should see that… anyway, ive lost enough time with this bullshit, just wait a couple of years and you’ll see… take care

          • “A couple” means two, as I hope you’re aware. In two years and in twenty years, there will be no pregnant men.

            LOL. IF I really am in tech. As if I would lie to impress a random online who hasn’t mastered spelling or sentence structure, and calls people the outdated, offensive term “hermaphrodites.” I started typing a joke about your burger flipping, but people are going to email me complaints that I’m being classist.

            Good day.

  2. Welcome to Babylon, fact is; God gave this MAN an order at birth and this is nothing more than an outward representation of this MANs lack of respect for these women, God, and himself. Science has been trying to disprove the facts God outlined from the very beginning. I’m going to assume that it’s “science” that has led this person to believe this is okay and acceptable. It is not. Evolutionism is a dangerous religion in itself. It is belief in something unseen and unproven and then builds it’s congregation on lies and acceptance against the Word of God. These people should study a little more than selves to truly figure out what’s going on within them and I suggest to start in the Oldest book known world wide. the Bible.

    • None of the branches of science find that a man can become a woman. Each of the two sexes has a distinct anatomical, biological, chromosomal, DNA, hormonal, physiological and skeletal makeup that no amount of wishful thinking, synthetic hormones and comestic surgeries performed by money-hungry plastic surgeons can override.

      Macro-evolution is a theory, not proven science.

  3. One can assume that he couldn’t cut it in men’s sports so he switched teams, literally. Now, his 15 minutes of fame. All I see is a bully that likes to hurt women. Nothing but a thug that will do whatever it takes to think he is a star. Has he transitioned yet?? Does he still have his male parts? A “female” athlete that really wants to achieve an International status as an athlete would compete against men if he has had the surgery and is living as a female. He just wants to dominate but couldn’t dominate playing against men. smh

    • Agreed, I’m neither conservative nor liberal, and I agree that this is an area in which liberalism has badly failed the people, particularly women and girls, having struck a fatal blow to our human rights while claiming to be “progressive” about our existence and rights.

      Like most people, I have never agreed that people could “transition” to another sex. It defies logic. Like most people, I would have quietly ignored, but the damage to society – even beyond women’s rights – is too great to stay silent and passive.

  4. At first I believed this to be just silly. Later I determined it was stupid. Now I am about to decide that it is insane. I have “self-determined” that I am a millionaire. But, guess what- my bank still says I am an man of ordinary means. Should I sue them? So, he has decided that he is a female. Someone should tell him he isn’t a female, he is just some dude that cut off his penis and grew long hair.

  5. Why not just banned Trans from competing in Man or Woman and create another division? I mean they see themselves as 3rd gender anyway.

  6. Why not opponent teams create a whole trans team. That team is allowed so why not take this opportunity to beat his ass.
    Btw this basically men playing in women clothes.

  7. I agree trans should have their own division. Nothing wrong with that. In most sports like MMA or Boxing there are weight classes and this 6 foot trans woman obviously dwarfs 95 percent of her competitors in all measures. If this is not address properly I fear that a lot of teams will encourage to be all trans to gain the advantage and biologically born females athletes will be sidelined.


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