JayCee Cooper lifting weights
JayCee Cooper lifting weights. Although biologically male, Cooper identifies as a woman. (Courtesy: Instagram)

The old saying, if it sounds like a duck, walks like a duck, and looks like a duck, then it must be a duck. The same principle applies to men who identify as women.

Men don’t belong in women’s sports competitions

Yet, these men think they can fool us when it comes to women’s sports.

Fortunately, USA Powerlifting hasn’t fallen for it, and has banned men from competing in women’s powerlifting events.

I completely agree with this decision, because no matter what these delusional men tell you, they will never be actual women.

Women can’t physically compete with men

And for these reasons, will always have physical advantages. Men have increased body and muscle mass, bone density, bone structure, and connective tissue.

A study in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine found that women are at a greater disadvantage to men in weightlifting and pole vaulting than in other sports. This is due to the “physiological mechanisms” necessary to mobilize the “predominantly explosive type” of energy that weightlifting and jumping require.

Athletes are often divided based on the biology of their body types

Many sports have weight categories, because the athlete with more body mass has an advantage. This is especially obvious in sports such as weightlifting, where the bigger athlete can lift higher amounts of weight.

Male and female athletes are divided for similar reasons.

No matter what, a man will never be a biological woman

No amount of treatments will eliminate the advantages.

Men who identify as women, such as JayCee Cooper, still won’t quit trying, though. He recently applied to compete in a USA Powerlifting women’s event in Minnesota, but his application was denied in December.

Despite this denial, he still competed in smaller events in his home town for the league’s untested division.

These delusional men have no problem cheating women in sports

Basically, he has no guilt over robbing women of the opportunity to excel in this sport, because he’s still hopeful that the organization will let men compete one day as women.

And to make matters even worse, individuals such as Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Congresswoman from Minnesota, want the USA Powerlifting (USAPL) investigated for not allowing these men to compete at women’s events.

Many of these men have no problem with destroying women’s rights to become champions at the sport of powerlifting.

JayCee Cooper holding Minnesota USA Powerlighting Bench Press Championships Shirt
JayCee Cooper holding a Minnesota State USA Powerlighting 2019 Bench Press Championships shirt. (Instagram)

These men are destroying women’s rights

What they’re saying is that women have no right to enjoy success from competing in sports, period, and should set aside their self-worth in order to satisfy these selfish men’s desires.

Many might argue that once these men “transition,” they no longer have an advantage. Then why are so many such as Cooper winning so many events, and setting records such as the one he recently set in a Minnesota women’s championship?

Yes, men such as Cooper can cry that they’re being discriminated against, based on gender.

But who are the real victims here? I say the women are.


Lately, these men have had no problem beating on women in sports such as MMA, football, handball, cycling and now powerlifting.

By letting these men compete as women, we’re setting a bad example

By letting these here men compete as women, is the same as telling women they no longer have the right to vote. It excludes women from part of public life and from the constitutionally protected right to the pursuit of happiness.

No matter how hard or long women train, they will never be able to compete with these selfish, disrespectful men.

Men naturally have an advantage over women

Men naturally have a larger bone structure. Higher bone density. Stronger connective tissue. And higher muscle density than women.

As a result, women will not be able to compete and achieve the success and happiness from becoming champions at their chosen sports.

Stop beating up on female competitors

If guys truly want to dress up like women, then they should start their own leagues – possibly naming them confused men who think they’re women – and stop robbing women of their chances of being champions.



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