Man Who Posed as Doctor to Sexually Assault Women Self-Declares as Transgender to Enter Women’s Prison: Patrick Pearsall

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    Patrick Pearsall
    Patrick Pearsall, who was convicted of raping a teen girl and a woman while posing as a medical professional, has now declared that he identifies as a woman.

    Toronto, Ontario – Patrick Pearsall is a 53-year-old man who currently identifies as transgender and goes by the name Tara. Patrick sexually assaulted a woman in 2008 and a female teenager in 2015 by pretending to be a medical professional who was trained to perform gynecological exams on pregnant women. Patrick was convicted of the two sexual assaults in 2017, and sentenced to ten years in prison. He was convicted in Halifax on a previous charge of sexual assault on a girl.

    The woman Patrick assaulted in 2008 had temporarily moved in with Patrick and his wife after fleeing from an abusive boyfriend. She was pregnant and had been experiencing bleeding before consenting to allow Patrick to perform on her what she believed would be a routine medical pregnancy exam. When Patrick told the woman that she could end the miscarriage by having sex with him, she got suspicious and fled.

    Following the rapes, Patrick began consuming synthetic hormones and wearing a long, dark wig. The convicted rapist is requesting to be provided with gender-affirmation surgery and to serve out his sentence in a prison for women.

    Read about Patrick (a.k.a. Tara Pearsall) in the news

    Transgender convict gets 10 years for 2 sex assaults, declared dangerous offender

    CBC News
    A convicted sex offender who identifies as a woman has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for two sexual assaults and declared a dangerous offender. Patrick Pearsall, 53, who prefers to be called “Tara,” was convicted by a jury last year of sexually assaulting a teenager and a young woman in Toronto. The assault against the teenager occurred in 2015, while the assault against the young woman occurred in 2008. Both the teen and woman believed they were pregnant at the time.

    Patrick Pearsall. Tara Pearsall. Pathological liar either way

    The Star
    Over the decades — indeed, still — Pearsall has claimed, among other maladies, to be HIV positive (no proof, but he’d sought accommodation at Casey House), diabetic (no proof) and suffering from chronic myeloid leukemia, for which he’d undergone chemotherapy treatment (not true, as confirmed by an oncologist who’d seen Pearsall once, further confirming that he’d never been an outpatient at the clinic.)


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