Stephanie Hayden
Stephanie Hayden

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK – Stephanie Hayden, a 45-year-old man who identifies as a woman and lawyer, has what his critics argue is a pattern of targeting those who do not share his faith in gender identity ideology, the belief system which forms the basis of transgenderism.

Mr. Hayden regularly threatens gender identity disbelievers with civil or criminal lawsuits, or tries to have them ousted from their careers, say critics.

In September 2018, Mr. Hayden attempted to get academics who don’t believe in gender identity ideology fired from Sussex University, denouncing the academic institution as a “temple of transgender hate.”

Mr. Hayden angrily decried Sussex Professor Kathleen Stock’s refusal to believe that “transgender women are women” as “extremely arrogant,” and her description of them as “males with penises” to be “inherently transphobic,” as well as “hateful and disrespectful.”

Mr. Hayden voiced support for Natacha Kennedy, a male transgender university researcher at Goldsmith University, who circulated on Facebook a list of academics from several UK universities who do not believe that men can become women. Mr. Kennedy allegedly requested that members of a Facebook group blacklist the courses and shame the professors until the professors acquiesce to gender identity ideology.

That same month, Mr. Hayden joined Adrian Harrop and other transgender rights activists in a successful campaign to take down a billboard in Liverpool showcasing the Google definition of the word “woman” as “adult human female.” That billboard was a “symbol that makes transgender people feel unsafe,” Dr. Harrop complained.

woman, wʊmən, noun, adult human female
This billboard in Liverpool, UK showcasing the Google definition of the word “woman” was deemed transphobic by transgender rights activists, who successfully campaigned for its removal. The billboard read: “woman, wʊmən, noun, adult human female.” (Courtesy: BBC)

Also in late September 2018, Mr. Hayden filed a police report against a self-described “transsexual” lawyer for “non-stop” harassment and malicious communications on Twitter. The male-born transsexual lawyer, who tweets under the handle @Boudica10, questioned Mr. Hayden’s professional credentials as a lawyer, stating in a series of tweets:

My issue with @flyinglawyer73 is solely that she claims to be a lawyer and uses that to shut women down. It’s narcissistic and it’s abuse.


Spoken today to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority today in respect of @flyinglawyer73’s holding herself out as an authorised and regulated person (an offence under s.20 of the Solicitors Act 1974) and tomorrow I am speaking to the police about her racist tweet and other matters.


Impersonating a solicitor is an offence…that’s why some unqualified lawyers claim to be mambers of Cilex. No risk of prosecution.


I’m hoping that everyone who has been threatened by this individual comes together with evidence so that we can show the world and especially the legal profession and justice system, how duplicitous they are.


I rang Cilex. I am not going to repeat publicly what I was able to find out, because I’d no doubt be threatened with libel but Cilex is your answer.

Mr. Hayden, who is not listed on any professional legal body, declines to reveal details of his educational credentials or professional qualifications – “due to the harassment I have received,” he claims.

Boudica10 is “hostile to transgender women, who have not had genital reconstruction surgery, being considered as women,” Mr. Hayden noted in his complaint. Mr. Hayden also accused Boudica10 of being hostile to the idea of “trans women” whose penises are intact accessing women-only facilities or services.

Boudica10 confirmed Mr. Hayden’s accusations in an interview with RollOnFriday. “As a survivor of male sexual violence I am against male genitals in women’s spaces,” Boudica10 said.

Graham Linehan
Graham Linehan (Courtesy: BBC News)

Still in September, when creator of TV’s Father Ted and Bafta award-winning comedy writer Graham Linehan engaged in critical analysis and debate on the topic of gender identity on Twitter, Mr. Hayden allegedly posted details, including business addresses, of Mr. Linehan’s wife’s company. Mr. Linehan claimed in a Times interview that Mr. Hayden’s alleged doxxing of his wife was an attempt to silence him:

Hayden was trying to shut me up by attacking my wife. The only thing the extremists will accept in this conversation is complete capitulation, but I won’t stop talking about this.

There’s this unquestioning reverence for anyone who says they are transgender, but this unquestioning loyalty is really dangerous. Once people start silencing views, they start thinking they can get away with anything. This time, Stephanie has overreached.

Mr. Linehan, believing Mr. Hayden to be a “dangerous troll,” posted on Twitter to his own 672,000 followers Mr. Hayden’s aliases and examples of Mr. Hayden’s online activity that is “harming women and transwomen.”

In October 2018, Mr. Hayden responded by filing a complaint with law enforcement against Mr. Linehan for “transphobic harassment”:

Mr Linehan deliberately used my former male identity and referred to me as ‘he’ despite having personal knowledge that I am the holder of a female gender recognition certificate. This is an act of transphobic harassment.

Mr. Hayden’s case made history, becoming the first “deadnaming” case in a UK court.

“A [Gender Recognition Certificate] holder has a right to confidentiality in respect of their previous gender identity. If a person acts in an official capacity and discloses such information it is actually a criminal offence under s.22 Gender Recognition Act 2004,” Mr. Hayden explained in an interview with Legal Cheek.

Mr. Hayden dropped the civil proceedings against Mr. Linehan in April 2019.

Kate Scottow
Katie Scottow, the breastfeeding mother of young children, was tossed in jail for 7 hours and denied menstrual products after calling a biologically male person a man. The individual, Stephanie Hayden, identifies as a trangender woman. (Courtesy: The Mail)

In the interim, Mr. Hayden was busy filing lawsuits against others, including 38-year-old Kate Scottow, a Masters degree candidate in forensic psychology and nursing mom, whom Mr. Hayden had thrown in jail in December 2018 for “misgendering” him on Twitter.

Most recently, Mr. Hayden claimed that an individual posting under the username ALittleHelp18 on the popular website Mumsnet had made “allegations of criminality” against him. Mr. Hayden won a High Court order compelling the website Mumsnet to reveal the user’s personal details, including the user’s full legal name, date of birth, address and email.

Mr. Hayden, who was born Anthony Halliday, began identifying as a woman in 2007, and was granted a Gender Recognition Certificate in early 2018. The GRC requires that government and citizens alike act and speak as if they agree with gender identity ideology by treating Mr. Hayden as if he were a woman.

West Yorkshire Police issued Mr. Linehan a verbal warning not to contact Mr. Hayden. Mr. Hayden is proceeding against Mr. Linehan in a civil suit for harassment, defamation and misuse of private information.

Mr. Hayden has a criminal record under previous names, including a guilty plea to a lesser charge after he was accused of beating a man in the head with a golf club until the man bled.

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