Man Hides Past as Child Rapist by Becoming Transgender and Changing Name: Allison (née Dennis) Woolbert

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    Allison Woolbert

    confessed child rapist allison woolbert

    Allison (née Dennis) Woolbert was a prominent trans activist, and is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a man who identifies as a woman, and a convicted child rapist.

    At the age of 28, while still legally known by his birth name, Dennis, he repeatedly raped his relative, a 15-year-old girl, by forceful penetration. After serving 4 years in prison for the sex crime, Dennis was released and began identifying as a woman. He changed his appearance to emulate a woman’s, and changed his name to Allison.

    Mr. Allison was not on any sex offender registry; thus, his history of sexual violence toward a minor went undetected for years as Mr. Allison rose to the position of Executive Director of the Transgender Human Rights Institute (THRI) and founded Transgender Violence Tracking Portal (TVTP) and TERF Tracker.

    In his position at THRI, Mr. Allison advocated for trans-identified youth, giving him far greater access to minors than the average person would have. According to Gender Trender, as a TERF Tracker, Mr. Allison, along with fellow trans-identified men Laurelai (née Wesley) Bailey and Melissa (née Harrison) Savage, cyber-stalked and posted online the identifying information of women whom they suspected might believe in biological sex as opposed to gender identity ideology and the possibility of sex change. The group of men made this determination by checking who “liked” posts they disagreed with. Such women were declared “TERFs” and targeted.

    Journalists Emmagene Cronin and Laurelai Bailey, fellow men who identify as women, discovered Mr. Allison’s criminal record while investigating THRI operations. De-prestiged and humiliated, Mr. Allison resigned from THRI. THRI at first, refused to accept Mr. Allison’s resignation, as they thought people were picking on him by bringing up his past.


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