Savanna Garcia flips out at Alamo Car Rental
Savanna Garcia flips out at Alamo Car Rental (Courtesy: Twitter)

Not too long ago, a guy dressed as a woman flipped out at an Alamo Car Rental. And you wouldn’t believe what caused this immature, trashy outburst from this confused, seemingly deranged guy.


You’re definitely a sir, not a ma’am, so get over it

At one point during the interaction between the rental agent and the customer, they mistakenly called him a sir.


This is all that it took, because he immediately capitalized on the opportunity. He flipped out by yelling that he’s a ma’am and his identification says so.


He then proceeded to yell out that “there’s a world out here” – whatever that means – and that they had to get their pronouns right.


And of course, during the whole time, he was swearing and calling them stupid.


When they asked him to leave, he said they will be viral, because he was filming the whole thing with his camera.


This delusional guy was calling everyone stupid, but made a fool out of himself instead

Here’s the funny part. This confused guy was calling everyone stupid, but what he doesn’t understand is that he was the one that was looking like a fool.


He walked into a place of business dressed like a woman, as if someone wouldn’t notice.


Then made a big scene over being called exactly what he is, which is a sir.


With the worst grammar possible he talked about using pronouns

And here’s the best part. He was talking about using pronouns properly, when he had the worst grammar I’ve heard in a long time.


As far as I’m concerned, this is the type of behavior that needs to stop. Lately, these deranged guys are trying to bully people into calling them by the sex that they aren’t.


They all want to be called women when the artillery inside their pants says otherwise. And when they don’t get their way, they throw a tantrum like a little boy trying to get attention from mommy.


Also, they cry about how they don’t get respect, but every time something doesn’t go their way, they threaten and swear at everyone.


To get respect, sir, you have to give it

To that I say, if you want respect, you have to give it. And in this case he brought the trashiest, most disrespectful attitude possible.


But if you watch the video carefully, you’ll see that he was acting loud and obnoxious towards the female rental agent until the male agent confronted him.


You can see by watching his body language that the guy dressed as a woman backed down because he was no longer bullying a weaker victim.


Garbage belongs with the rest of the trash

This kind of trashy behavior has no place in a business or any other public place where no one wants to see it.


And nobody should be bullied into going along with your selfish, delusional fantasies of being something that you’re not.



Your weren’t born a female, and never will be one. And there’s no such thing as not having a sex. There have always been men and women from the beginning of time. If there weren’t, we’d all have the same sex organs downstairs.


And if you can’t handle the truth. Here’s my suggestion. Go crawl back under the rock you came from!


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