Colleen Berg
Colleen Berg (Credit: Clay County Sheriff’s Office)

Clay Center, Kansas, US – Colleen Berg, a man who identifies as a woman, has a record of violent criminality that spans over three decades. On January 24, 2019, Mr. Berg was sentenced to 16 months in prison after threatening to kill his two transgender housemates during what Mr. Berg’s attorney characterized as “an argument over a bath.”

Mr. Berg had served prison time on an attempted murder charge from 1988 to 2010, after attacking an individual with a steel pipe.

Prior to that prison stretch, Mr. Berg had served a sentence for robbery.

While in prison, Mr. Berg was charged for committing various acts of violence behind bars, including fashioning weapons and rioting.

In the most recent incident, Mr. Berg pulled out and fired a gun at his two biologically male transgender roommates, and verbally threatened to take their lives, according to Clark County Attorney Rick James. Mr. Berg was arrested after the September 2017 incident on two counts of aggravated assault, criminal threat and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Following a two-day jury trial, Mr. Berg was found guilty of felony criminal threat.

One of the two victims begged the judge for leniency in sentencing Mr. Berg, testifying that they would otherwise lose the house they shared. The other victim had moved away.

Judge Bosch sentenced Colleen Berg to 16 months behind bars, and ordered him to pay $193 in court costs and a $200 KBI DNA database fee.


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Transgender woman sentenced to 16 months

The Clay Center Dispatch
A transgender woman was sentenced to serve 16 months in prison after a sentencing hearing in Clay County District Court yesterday. Judge Bosch sentenced Colleen Berg to 16 months in prison for felony criminal threat, which a jury found her guilty of, but not guilty of other charges.

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