Madilyn Harks
Madilyn Harks is a serial child sex abuser with a predilection for attacking girls under the age of eight. (Courtesy: Peel Regional Police)

Brampton, Ontario, CA – Madilyn Rebecca Harks is a serial child sex offender who confessed to committing approximately 200 offenses against 60 victims. Previously named Matthew Ralf Harks, the convicted predator is male and identifies as a woman. His many victims include neighbors and a fellow church member.

Mr Harks was originally imprisoned for the sexual assaults of two children, a four-year-old girl and a five-year-old girl. While on probation for those offenses, he sexually assaulted a seven-year-old girl, and was handed a three-year prison sentence in 2007.

According to the Vancouver Sun, Mr Harks sexually assaulted two female inmates who were “child-like in appearance” during his incarceration.

Mr Harks began identifying as a woman in 2014, and the parole board considered the threat he posed to the community to be reduced: “Given your progress, it is reasonable and necessary to facilitate your reintegration into the community.” The parole board dropped several mandatory conditions of his supervision, including psychiatric treatment.

In 2016, Mr Harks was convicted of twice breaching the conditions of his release, and was sentenced to 330 days behind bars. One of the violations Mr Harks was found guilty of was failure to disclose a long-term relationship with an incarcerated sexual offender, a man whom Mr Harks was engaged to marry. The other breach occurred when Mr Harks chartered a plane and taxi to another province in order to procure money for the imprisoned fiancé.

According to a 2006 psychiatric assessment, Mr Harks has an “all-encompassing preoccupation in sexually abusing young girls.”

Veteran sex crimes detective and child pornography task force expert Keith Daniels believes Mr Harks is one of a number of convicted pedophiles who have decided to change their gender identity as a “ruse to gain access to victims and not be recognized on the street.”

Peel Regional Police have classified the risk Mr Harks poses of re-offending as elevated, and issued a Community Safety Advisory when he was released in the Brampton area. The advisory states that Peel Regional Police and Correctional Service of Canada will be working together to monitor Mr Harks.

On May 22, police requested the public’s help to ensure that the serial predator does not violate the conditions of his Long Term Supervision Order, which forbids Mr Harks from being in the presence of a child under the age of 14 unless accompanied by a responsible adult who has been approved by his parole supervisor. He is banned from areas in which children congregate, such as public swimming areas, day-cares, school grounds, playgrounds and community centers.

Seven days later, Peel Police announced that, through a joint effort between Offender Management Unit, 22 Division Criminal Investigation Bureau and Correctional Services Canada (CSC), Mr Harks’ long-term supervision order was rescinded by warrant, and he was arrested and returned to a secure facility. CSC cannot comment on specific cases, but told Global News: “Public safety is always paramount in case management decision making … If there is any indication that an offender’s risk in the community cannot be effectively managed, a warrant of suspension, apprehension and recommitment can be issued.”

— UPDATE 8:37 PM Monday, July 15, 2019 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC): Information added about history of sexual attacks against female inmates during incarceration

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