Yaniv takes a selfie in the women’s restroom, with several girls visible in the background. He is accused of being a child sexual predator and voyeur with a menstrual fetish. (Courtesy: Facebook)

Surrey, British Columbia, CA – A biologically male person who identifies as a woman was recently called out by a previous supporter and fellow member of the transgender community for allegedly sexually targeting adolescent girls.

The exposé follows a long-term effort by feminists to expose what they believe is years of evidence of the man expressing sexual interest in pre-pubescent female children, and abusing the legal system to intimidate and sexually harass women. Several feminists were and are being banned from social media platforms for “deadnaming” and “misgendering” the man by mentioning his birth name and biological sex in the process of unmasking what they view as illegal or nefarious activities. The man has publicly taken credit for the feminists’ bans.

Improper Communications With Children

The screenshots show a person under the name of Jonathan Yaniv asking various conversation partners what he should do if pre-prebuscent girls need help learning how to insert tampons, and whether he will have the opportunity to see naked girls in the locker room. The teens who released the messages on Twitter, Facebook and Instragram say their conversations with Mr. Yaniv took place after he joined private Facebook groups for teen girls.

“So at the gym, do girls bare all?” Mr. Yaniv inquired in one exchange. When his conversation partner explained that most women and girls are discreet, Mr. Yaniv pressed, “Do you see t-ts and p—-y, ever?” She patiently responded to each of Mr. Yaniv’s questions as he fired them off: “Do girls openly insert / change their tampons when freely changing?…Have you ever seen a tampon string hanging out of another girl’s thing?…Is it weird to ask a 10-12 year old girl for a pad? Or a tampon?”

In an exchange with a different person, Mr. Yaniv asked, “If there’s like 30 girls in the change room, how many of them would you say are out there changing freely with their vaginas and t-ts out?”

He tells yet another girl, “Every single time I take that ferry to the island, there’s field trips with 10-12 year old girls on it. … If I’m in the bathroom and a girl asks me for a pad or tampon and potentially help on how to use it, if it’s her first period, what do I do?”

One screen capture shows Mr. Yaniv randomly tweeting very young-looking female Twitter users to ask their age and location.

In response to the social media backlash against him, Mr. Yaniv released a video in which he positioned himself as the victim, claiming the girls had taken his comments “out of line.”

Yaniv cheers ruling by Judge that students do not have the right to privacy from the opposite sex.
Yaniv cheers ruling by Judge that students do not have the right to visual bodily privacy from the opposite sex in school locker rooms and restrooms.

Legal Complaints Against Female Workers

This bizarre online behavior was brought to light after Mr. Yaniv filed 16 complaints against female aestheticians, whom he sued for thousands of dollars each after they refused to perform a Brazilian wax on his genitalia. According to Mr. Yaniv’s complaints, which he filed in March 2018, he is entitled to have the women service his genitals, because he identifies as a woman and the aestheticians’ services are for women. In refusing to wax his testicles, he argued, the women are engaging in “gender discrimination” by invalidating his sense of himself as female.

Mr. Yaniv obtained a ban that makes it legally impermissible for the Canadian press to publish his name. This ban has had a chilling effect on those who seek to expose his online conversations with minors.

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms represented Shelah Poyer, whom Mr. Yaniv sued for $2,500. Ms. Poyer routinely provided beautician services to female clients in her own home. When Ms. Poyer informed Mr. Yaniv that she does not perform Brazilian waxes on male genitalia, he continued messaging her on Facebook and repeatedly calling a salon she had previously worked for. The woman’s boyfriend threatened to call the police if Mr. Yaniv did not cease the “harassment.” Mr. Yaniv then filed a complaint against Ms. Poyer with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.

The non-profit libertarian group representing Ms. Poyer argued that waxing male genitalia requires different training and equipment, which Ms. Poyer does not possess. The group pointed out that, as a woman, Ms. Poyer has protected rights to privacy and safety.

Mr. Yaniv dropped the claim when Ms. Poyer’s attorneys sought to have the publication ban on his name lifted, and to present as evidence Facebook discussions in which he appeared to express interest in naked girls and in assisting adolescents with tampons. His claims against the other 15 women are pending.

Feminists denounced Mr. Yaniv’s legal actions as sexual harassment, pointing out that it’s a violation of women’s human rights to force a woman to touch a man’s penis if she doesn’t wish to.

Banning of Feminists

At a Township of Langley council meeting, audible at the 5:20 mark in this video is Mr. Yaniv bragging about getting Meghan Murphy of Feminist Current permanently banned from Twitter, and taking credit for social media policy changes that led to such feminist blogs as Gender Trender and Gender Identity Watch being permanently banned from WordPress.com:

A trans-exclusionary radical feminist named Meghan Murphy violated the Canadian Criminal Code by inciting hate against the LGBTQ and trans community, stating, ‘Men are not women and trans women are not women.’ … I personally got her Twitter account suspended.

He drove “global policy changes for social networks,” he continued, on “Twitter and WordPress as such.”

At the same meeting, Mr. Yaniv complained that “Murphy, a Vancouver resident, still has not been prosecuted by VPD for her hate crimes,” insisting that police departments must support the trans community by arresting women who express disbelief that trans women are women.

Ms. Murphy is in the process of suing Twitter for the ban.

Jessica Yaniv

Menstrual Activism

Feminists are expressing outrage that Mr. Yaniv, who began occasionally using the first name Jessica in 2017, recently requested to spearhead a campaign to provide free menstrual products to Langley-area civic facilities and recreational centers.

Call Out By Trans Peer

Morgane Oger, a male transgender individual who is Vice President of the British Columbia New Democratic Party and chair of the Trans Alliance Society, condemned Mr. Yaniv last week. This denouncement followed months of Mr. Oger keeping Mr. Yaniv under his wing, politically and socially mentoring him, and supporting his efforts to get feminists who critique gender identity ideology banned from Twitter. Mr. Oger declared in the written statement, which he published on his personal website:

I tracked down and heard witnesses with first-person accounts of Jessica’s online behaviour spanning 2013 to 2018.

Their stories included reports and evidence of outrageously inappropriate acts, some towards children who are tweens and teens. Some of the material has survived as screenshots, and what I saw shows what strikes me as a pattern of predatory behaviour.

Many feminists on social media slammed Mr. Oger’s condemnation of Mr. Yaniv as “too little, too late.”

Mr. Oger himself has recently provoked the ire of women’s rights advocates for getting Vancouver Rape Relief, Canada’s oldest rape crisis center, stripped of funding last month. Mr. Oger declared the center “noncompliant with Canadian law” for refusing to admit biologically male individuals who identify as women. The center is dedicated to helping female rape survivors.

Mr. Yaniv, who describes himself as a “digital marketer,” founded the websites Trusted Nerd and JYKnowsIt. He is currently competing in the 2019 Miss BC pageant.

Jessica Yaniv is competing for 2019 Miss BC.
Jessica Yaniv is competing for 2019 Miss BC.

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  1. Kiwi Farms has a l-o-n-g thread about JY. And, a special page for ogre, too.

    Thank you so much for writing this expose. A male taking selfies in the Women s loo. Thanks, self ID iidiots, we see exactly why this gender claptrap serves men’s sex rights, and encourages predators to new levels of perving on females. Pig!

    • It needs to be noted that the person who called them out, MORGANOGER, VP of the NDP party and government in BC, has been enabling this predator for some time.MO recently wrote to “distance themselves from the looming scandal. However, one of Yanics tactics to sexually harass women has been to file human right complaints against women who will not wax his testicles. MO has supported and defended these actions, I have the screenshots of them defending them. MO has a foundation, the OgerFoudnation, which supports litigation of trans related issues, some of the actions taken are at the exprsne of women’s safety and rights. people need to continually call for MO to publicly explain their associations, assistance and support of JY in sexually harassing women via the Human rights complaints system

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